The Universe speaks to me directly

To say the last few weeks have been frustrating would be the understatement of the year. Everything we had planned for and expected has not worked out.

It’s been baffling. Things that were over the line, suddenly weren’t and great rows of hedges appeared in the middle of barren deserts.

What the hell was going on?

“Gosh, Craig, I’m really worried about what this means. Maybe we aren’t meant to go on this road trip. All the signs seem to be saying that. But deep down I feel this is the right thing to do. Then why is this happening?  I just wish the Universe would talk directly to me, so I know what to do!!”

I looked at the sky and emphatically pleaded for the voice to boom on down and give me my instructions.

I almost heard the chuckle and felt the words from within say, “I’m always talking.”

And in that magical way of it, for the remainder of the day it spoke directly to me. Words on a facebook news feed jumped out at me amongst the noise of images, quotes, and embarrassing jokes:

Inspiring quote


During Kalyra’s story time, Aunt Milicient’s words of wisdom to Barbie stuck in my awareness when all the others were just barks at print,

“Magic happens when you just believe in yourself”

To turn my mind off my worrying, I took action based upon what needs to be done in this moment, writing my ebook.

I opened it to a place I thought needed refining and again the Universe spoke to me through my own words.

I’ve always had a motto in my life,
“Never expect things will happen in a certain way, but don’t lose hope that they won’t.”
Expectations are saying you know better than the truth. It’s rare that things will turn out the way you expect them to, nevertheless they will turn out the perfect way.
If you release your control on the outcome, you welcome in that perfection and your open the senses to enjoy and learn from it. Loosen your grip and just enjoy the magic of the ride.

I can feel this gigantic swirling pull happening around me. The Universe is at work, I know it, I just don’t know what it’s working on and it’s slightly killing me.

How do you let go of the fear that surrounds the need to know what is happening and have control over your outcome?

You don’t. You never do, and its the greatest illusion of our life.

All this listening and understanding guided me towards the final chapter of my next eBook, the principle I was missing,

“Let go and trust.”

I think the book is ready to be finished now. Perhaps this is why everything was not working out, to guide me to this place of deeper insight.

Or, maybe I just over analyse things and instead of trying to always put the pieces of the puzzle together, I should just relax and let them all fall where they may. Because they will fall and tehy’ll land exactly where they are supposed to.

Boy, the Universe just never stops talking to you!

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How does the Universe talk to you?

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  • Twitchy

    The Universe does indeed send us messages constantly. Obstacles, challenges, people, signs, issues to be dealt with. The important thing is, as you say, to trust that things will work out as they are meant to, even if it’s incredibly frustrating at the time. Spoken by a woman who has over 7 years between children and been building a house for nearly four years. Hmmm.


    • Caz Makepeace

      I hear ya! We know what we have to do, but putting it into practice is tough. I’m repeating the Just trust mantra!


  • Kathy

    I’m sitting at work, post-job interview, trying to hear the universe! The funny thing is, I’m kind of OK with the outcome either way. I agree though – the universe never really stops talking, its just we don’t always want to listen.


    • Caz Makepeace

      I love how you are okay with the outcome whatever it may be. Total trust Kathy. I am sure it will all work out perfect for you. Good luck anyway and let me know how it goes


  • Rachael

    For about the last 10 years I’ve moved further and further away from believing that things happen for a reason (I’m married to a physicist, so this doesn’t help!). But I can’t deny that there are times when I feel like I can’t turn my back on ‘seemingly random things’ that have happened that left me feeling like I should be acting on them (or not acting on them!). And I’m always right when I go with my ‘gut feeling’. This gut feeling is probably the universe telling me what to do, but because there’s no scientific evidence for how this can happen, I still question it. Yesterday a cousin of mine gave birth to her first baby. They’d been trying for 5 years when they fell pregnant with identical twins. She lost them both at 22 weeks. Thankfully, she fell pregnant again a few months later. Yesterday, their son came into the world 3 weeks early, born on the same day she lost her twins last year. Wow. Even my husband, the physicist, is now questioning what science does and doesn’t know. There’s a doco on TV tomorrow night (Sunday, ABC2 at 7:30pm) called ‘Happy’ – about a bunch of researchers who visit 5 continents to find out the key ingredients to happiness. I haven’t seen it but I’m certainly going to watch it! If you don’t have a telly where you guys will be on Sunday night, find a pub with a telly and ask them to put ABC2 on at 7:30pm. Sounds too interesting to miss!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Wow Rachael, that sounds really great. Thank you for the tip, I’d love to watch that and we will have TV, except hubby is going to be claiming rights for football grand final. We’ll see what I can do!


  • Ranit, mommy, friend, foodie and life lover

    Wow does the universe ever speak loudly! We have been struggling with a huge life decision to move back to the USA or move to UK, specifically England.
    We had made peace 5 days ago with the option to move back to the USA. Still sad about the choice but committed to making it great, my husband left ahead of us to secure temporary housing etc. while in the USA he decided to play a round of golf. He chose a very out if the way remote golf course he had never played in the middle of nowhere, mainly because it was the only one around that had an available t time on his short notice.
    Upon finishing his game he went into the pro shop and got in line behind a gentleman who was speaking to the clerk in a British accent, saying how he was just passing through on his way from the masters to the Charlotte airport on his way home to Oxforshire! Wow! This is not only the universe speaking so loudly. Oxforshire is the exact place we would be living! Mind you this golf course is about a 15 -30 minute drive off the path from Augusta to Charlotte international.
    So did he listen? Well, he is soul searching as we speak. I can say that this truly is the first time we have been screamed at so loudly by the universe. ❤️


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