Indigo dreaming- empowering children with mediation and positive affirmations

I’ve been focused lately of finding ways to bring more Zen strategies to my children. I believe so much in the power of meditation and positive thinking, I want them to know this from an early age, rather than discovering it only later, when they have hit rock bottom and there is no other way for them to move.

The more empowerment strategies I give them, the more they’ll understand challenges are just lessons and they are strong enough to move through them.

Tourism Queensland hosted a few pop up sessions during the Problogger conference for attendees to experience the wonders of the Gold Coast. I don’t need much convincing, but I jumped at the chance to visit Gwinganna Health Retreat. It’s been on my list for years.

Gwinganna Health Retreat

My only regret walking in, was that I was not staying for a week. It’s a relaxed and spiritual place where the trees share their wisdom alongside of fresh air.

As we were leaving, I was window shopping a fortune in the small gift store and found the perfect present for my girls.

A set of positive affirmation cards for children and a meditation CD. Its made by Indigo Kidz. The design was cute and happy and bouncing off positive energy.

Indigo dreaming Positive affirmations for kids

I stopped window shopping and pulled out my purse. A colouring book of mandalas also jumped out at me.

I adore mandalas and often gave them to my students to colour. They have such a calming, expressive effect on anyone who does them- perfect for Kalyra.

Those three purchases have been the best I’ve made for the girls and they love them more than any plastic doll house, or barbie doll.

Every morning, the girls pateiently line up in front of me as I shuffle the positive affirmation cards. Savannah jumps up and down with a little merry leprechaun giggle clapping her hands and squealing.

They choose a card each. Kalyra reads hers out, with a little help from Mummy when needed, and Savannah holds hers up like her sister’s and reads it too. (you know that babble stuff)

I then re-read them card to both of them. We talk about what it means and I tell them to remember their special message for the day. “It’s your special words. So if you have a problem or feel a little down, you remember that you card tells you.”

Positive affirmations for kids (1)

I am strong…..

I am a good listener (I like when they get that one!)

I can do it..

Savannah insists on choosing another card and another. And then she quietly puts them all back in the box.

Kalyra comes home from school asking, “Mum, can we do the card thing please?” Or Savannah grabs the box and brings it to me with a leprechaun shuffle-jump. She’ll pull Kalyra beside me and say, “Kalyra’s turn.”

I just love it.

Kalyra spends a lot of quiet time now colouring in her mandalas. I’m surprised at how many of them she has done. We often do some together and its lovely quality time. Mandalas are…….

Now of an evening, the girls both lie in Kalyra’s bed and we play the meditation tracks. I walk in and Kalyra is intently listening, with a calm expression on her face.

Meditations for kids

“I’m doing what they say to do Mum, breathing slowly in and out. I really like this.”

Savannah sits and reads a book quietly pointing to the Ipod dock when I pop my head in.

I don’t know if it’s just co-incidence, but the girls seem to be a little more balanced and calm since we’ve been Indigo Dreaming.


Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you have meditation or positive affirmation cards for your children? Do you see the benefits?

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