When what you want arrives

It can be pretty tiring working out how the magic of the Universe works. I struggle with it in some aspects of my life and then in others it’s almost as if I am my own genie in the bottle.

I think it’s about setting and forgetting it. Give up all your expectations and hopes surrounding it, and allow your desires to be almost a passing thought.

For example, the story I told of the tubes of BB cream that kept arriving after I kept thinking about it. (Since that story, I’ve had about 10 more tubes of BB cream arrive completely unexpectedly)

Then the other day, the magic arrived by way of Huffington Post. I’ve wanted to write a post for their site almost since we began travel blogging. It is one of the biggest online newspapers and is pretty big in the travel space. I tried about 2 years ago, and my post wasn’t accepted as it wasn’t a right fit. I took the lesson from that and went about my business.

Several months ago, I wrote a post to extend upon the ideas behind our travel manifesto. I really liked what it had to say and I thought Huffington Post would be a great fit. I pitched, but didn’t hear back.

A travel manifesto

Create better memories

I was so busy, I decided to sit on it for awhile, with the intention of tracking down the editor’s email through blogging contacts, rather than submitting through a generic contact form.

I thought about pitching it elsewhere, but no other site really inspired me. I felt like it belonged on Huffington Post, so I focused on it going on there. Every now and then, I’d reopen the draft to edit it a bit and further confirm that I’d pitch Huff Post again.

Our travel ebook is soon to be published and the manifesto was a great intro to what we offer on the travel blog to attract more readers interested in our book. I had it on my list of things to do for this month.

On Thursday, I received an email from an editor at Huffington Post. She had randomly come across our post 32 tips for a deeper and longer travel experience, loved it and wanted to republish on their site. We don’t allow republishing of our posts, but I knew I could offer her something else.

“I have another post you might be interested in. It is along the same theme as that post and I think it would work really well.” I sent her my Travel Manifesto- 10 principles to make travel more memorable.

She replied that she loved it and wished to publish it on Monday.

Double fist pump. Thank you Universe. I love it when manifesting is so easy like that.

Now, if I could just work out how to let go and stop pushing for things I expect and hope to happen in a certain way and just trust the Universe is weaving it’s magic and will bring it at the right time.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

I'd love to hear some stories from you as to when the magic so effortlessly worked. Maybe we can figure out the formula together.

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  • BakoymaTravels

    I have only ever experienced this once. I was miserable at my previous job, applied for a bunch of others, had applied for one where I wasn’t qualified and finally I just quit my job, couldn’t stand it anymore.

    Before my time there expired I received a phone call from the daily manager at the place where I hadn’t been qualified. (This was 4 months after I applied). I new position was opening up for which I WAS qualified and she was hoping against hope that I was still searching and might be interested.

    I went for an interview and got the job – thank you universe 😉


  • Kathy

    Woo Hoo – well done on the Huffington Post – and now you have your foot in the door…kathy


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