An over-abundant supply of BB cream

I was fluffing around getting ready this morning when I realized I had five tubes of BB cream to choose from. I thought back to just a couple of months previously when I opened my drawer and my BB cream had all run out.

I was in a panicked state of course. How could I go out in public without the BB? I did a patch job with my mineral powder and went about my day. Thoughts of the BB cream did not leave me. I’d think about it with the intention,

“Must get some more BB cream,” and then I’d get distracted and not think about it. A few hours later I’d get the trigger about the BB cream and how much I loved it.

The picture of the tube and the way it made my face feel so vibrant, smooth and glowing kept appearing.

“Must get some more BB cream.” And then the thought would vanish again.

It went like this for a couple of days until I finally got my act together and brought some down the street.

Ah, it felt so good to be reunited with my BB cream, I was no longer afraid to go out in public.

Over the course of the next month, tubes of BB cream kept arriving to me in the most unexpected ways. I attended a few events. Each event had a goodie bag as a thank you, and each bag was a tube of BB cream.

At the moment I have a supply to last me for a couple of months. I no longer have to spend my days running around dreaming about my miracle perfecter cream.

The Universe heard my intention and delivered.

Now if only it can do that with the million dollars I keep thinking about!!

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