Are we going to lose connection?

The world is about to fall about. Google is taking away their RSS reader.

Do they not understand they are taking away our connection to all our favourite blogs?

It’s almost as bad as when Facebook went down for 10 minutes last week and we thought it was all over.

PLEASE do not lose your connection with me.

I know many of you view my email updates through Google reader. Never fear there are solutions to this catastrophe.

You can connect with me via Feedly. It’s a great alternative and I even think it is snazzier and more user friendly than Google reader.

You can also connect with me on Blog Lovin. I don’t know much about this one as I just joined it. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

But the best way to stay connected is via email

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When you connect with me via email you get access to my 6 part series helping you to create more magic + weekly email update with all my latest posts and news.

Take action now because come 1st July, the world will never be the same again!!

See you on the other side

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