How to analyse your dreams

How to analyse your dreams

If you’re like me you are often Googling the meaning of the bizarre dream you woke up to. It’s was so vivid you can’t get it out of your head and you know there has to be some meaning or underlying message in the dream.

Is it a manifestation of your hidden thoughts, warning you of some impending doom, or your subconscious trying to tell you what you need to do to solve a problem? Maybe it’s a problem you never knew you had.

I’m sure, like me, you have clicked through several pages on Google because each new dream interpretation does not quite make sense and is too generic. You want something that speaks more specifically to you.

That’s the problem with using dream interpretation books and sites, and generic symbolism; it’s not related to you. This is not the best way to analyse your dreams.

Your dream is your subconscious talking to you. It is helping you to work out certain things so you can put into place the right actions in your real life. In order to hear these messages, you need to be able to work out what the dreams are saying to you alone.

I recently discovered this with a visit to my Naet therapist. Fiona is proving to be such a wealth of wisdom and is connecting me to so many amazing things. I know the Universe deliberately led her to me.

This story is further confirmation to me that the Universe is always supporting you and taking you to the places you need to be. You just have to open your eyes.

My unnerving dream-what did it mean?

The other morning my eyes flew open with a fright and a frantic worrying of what impending doom was on its way to me.

“There are storms up ahead,” I thought with dread. I’ve been weathering them too much lately. I’m ready for a swinging hammock by the beach sipping mojitos on a balmy afternoon.

I was at my mother’s house with Craig and the girls. I am not sure what we are doing, but something called me to go to the front door and look outside. Out on the horizon line, sitting side by side, were two tumultuous, swirling masses of air. The tornadoes weren’t tapering to a wisper like you’d normally see. They were wide and thick from the top of the dark clouds above to the ground they were connecting to. They were steady and intent and even even though they were hovering, I knew that we were standing directly on their path.

I was oddly fascinated  and did not feel overly panicked, yet I knew we were screwed.

“Whoa! Mum,” I yelled. “You’ve got to come and look at this.”

She came running out in a panic and I can’t remember what happened after that. All I remember was thinking that despite knowing we were doomed, I still had time to work out something to do.

And then I woke up.

The Universe delivers my dream interpreter

I wanted to jump online to find the meaning of my tornado dream, but, alas it was a school morning and so no time. After drop off, I drove straight to Fiona, for my Naet therapy appointment.

I thought about asking Fiona for her thoughts on the dream but held off because I felt I was bombarding her enough with my ill body.

We were chatting about this and that and mid conversation Fiona suddenly switched to a random thought.

“We’ve been doing some dream interpretation in our hypnotherapy class.”

I’m not too sure what she said after because I was too busy high-fiving the Universe. How cool! I was so in need of a dream interpreter this morning and there one was delivered, without any effort on my behalf. I totally knew that the universe was leading me straight to her for this reason.

“OMG. That is so funny Fiona. I had the strangest, most unnerving dream last night and I was going to ask if you knew anything about how to analyse your dreams.

How to analyse your dreams

“Our hypnotherapy instructor taught us a really simple technique. I always use it now when I first wake up and I have the most interesting revelations about my dreams. It has helped me to apply certain actions in my real life and it is amazing how my problems are resolved.”

She went on to explain how dreams are very personal and are messages created by our subconscious specifically for us. Our dreams are so important– not the mindless, sleeping fun we think they are. We ignore them, probably because they seem too bizarre to ever be serious.

It’s a little challenging to get your conscious mind around it to begin with. Let me see if I can explain it.

Every element of your dream is actually yourself. You have to figure out what was most figural in your dream and become that thing. So a tornado is not really a tornado it is actually you. And when you become that thing, you will start to work out the meaning.

So you have to say,

“I am a tornado. I am ______”

and then see what mouth spits out. You can’t think about it because that is engaging the conscious mind, which will only interpret based on the symbolism it knows and the fears it holds.

Fiona told me one of the best times to analyse your dreams is during meditation because you are bypassing the conscious mind to tap into the subconscious—the place that understands all this.

My tornado dream interpretation

I was struggling to fill in the blank to begin with as I was engaging my conscious mind and filling it in with what I felt a tornado represented.

I am a tornado, I am violent.

I am a tornado, I am really angry.

None of these really felt right to me and I was a little stuck.

“The tornado might not necessarily mean destruction or bad things. Images in our dreams aren’t always what they represent, they are hiding messages. It might be so totally unlike what you think it means.” Fiona told me. She then went on to describe a few of her dreams and the meanings.

I started to understand what she was talking about. I was able to put myself in that place of the tornado in my dream specifically. The story began to unfold and I got to the place where I understood during the last 20 minutes of my therapy during the relaxation phase.

My dream interpretation

I am the tornado. I am carving my own path.

This made so much sense to me, both in my own life and the dream. It was very clear to me that the tornado was on a very direct path and there was nothing I could do about it. I’m pretty sure this what was running through my head when I woke up, the idea of it carving a path.

Even though it was hovering, I knew it was moving on that path. It was like it was hovering in order to pick up strength and speed.

It relates so well to my life at the moment. With our upcoming Australian road trip plans, we are totally carving our own path. We came to that decision with a very clear intention that nothing was going to get in our way. Like the tornado we are very steady and solid.

But, at the moment we are hovering as we wait for departure in September. The hovering has been bothering me a lot lately. I feel as if I am ready to move now.

The other really strong part part of the dream was me standing there watching the tornado and how I was feeling. What was the significance of me being in my family home? I went through the process again and I figured this out.

I was standing where the tornado was heading, so I was on the right path. I was in my family home, in a place I felt secure and happy. The path I am carving out now is leading me to the place where I most feel happy and at home. It’s not the actual place, but one that is in my heart. Whenever I am on the right path that is being carved out I am home.

I also knew looking at the tornado there was nothing I could do. There was a sense of resignation, but also a part of me knew I was in control of how I responded. So I took the message as being there will always be a part of that path you are carving that is not of your hands and you have to accept that path, but at the same time you are totally in control of how you respond and manage it.

So now instead of feeling a sense of impending doom and fear about my dream, I actually feel at ease and excited. I am doing the right thing. My path is very clear, strong and intended, it’s leading me to the right place and the Universe is assisting me. No matter what comes my way, I know that I can handle it and I accept it

How did I know this was the right dream interpretation?

Because I felt it in my body. There was no discomfort or feelings of uncertainty, I just knew it was true. My gut and heart felt aligned and settled.

It’s amazing how much your body speaks to you if you just listen.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Now I'd love to hear from you? What are some of your most vivid dreams? Were you able to work out a meaning of your dream? How do you analyze dreams?

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  • Wanderlust

    Hmmmm….actually, I think it means you need to take a trip to Kansas. I’m pretty sure that’s what it means.


  • Rebecca Power

    Hey caz – this is very interesting as I remember reading about your dream last week! I’ve always found dream interpretations fascinating, but what if your dream is about another person – do u place yourself as them in the dream?


    • Caz Makepeace

      Yes! So weird. But, apparently every aspect of the dream is actually you, but your manifesting as something else. Maybe because your subconscious feels you’ll relate to the particular message more. I’m not sure. But, I think it is also mostly for the characters in the dream that really stand out and the ones you most remember. Like there could be background people that aren’t that significant so I think then you wouldn’t worry about those ones. If that makes sense?


  • Vanessa

    Interesting way of thinking about dreams – I think that’s what I’d always tried to do but I’d never thought about it so succinctly. I had a very strange & messed up dream the other night and I’m going to see what I can make of it this way.


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