Gratitude and happiness

 Caz and Craig MAkepeace

The Universe’s magic

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it a million times. The Universe is so magical and supportive of us. Most of the time we are so blind to it, but once you start tuning into the magic you will see it happening everywhere. You will start to notice how everything is connected and is leading you somewhere important. So many ahas are falling into place for me this week. I am starting to understand why we were having delays on certain things, it was all leading us to this point now, otherwise known as perfect timing.

Plus, I am going to share with you this coming week about my weird dream and the interpretation I got out of it. It all came about from some pretty freakin awesome magic from the Universe.

Kalyra’s growing maturity

She still manages to have a tannie here and there, but boy is my little baby maturing. I am so delighted by her wit and wisdom at such a young age. I am enjoying my conversations with her and watching her blossom. She is also doing a kick ass job lately of eating my food. Maybe it’s more of a case of my cooking improving?

Except she couldn’t do the curry tonight. Word of warning: there is quite a sweat difference between 2 tablespoons and 2 heaped tablespoons. Ease up on the heavy handedness.

The Five Lands Walk on the Central Coast

We spent Saturday walking from MacMasters to Terrigal Beach. It’s an annual 9km event connecting people to land and people to people. I think this is one of the best in Australia: it is so sacred. Not only are you getting to know other cultures that form part of the community, you are connecting with the Aboriginal culture throughout the day (the thread that binds us) and you are walking amongst the most spectacular scenery, with whales following along in their home beyond the waves.

We didn’t make the whole 9km but we had a wonderful time. (Post coming up this week on y travel blog if you want to learn more about it)


Song of the week: Let me down easy by Sheppard

What a happy song.

What I’m reading:

How I got fired from the job I invented by Turner from Around the World in 80 days. This is truly disgusting what has happened to Turner. Do what you can to spread the word and support him with this blatant corporate theft of his brand and identity.

What’s your What if? by Dan Noll and Audrey Scott, TEDxWarsaw

Such an inspiring talk from two of my favourite travel bloggers. You must watch this.

Travel and the issue of Nostalgia by Liss from Young Adventuress Words that come from my own heart.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What's your gratitude and happiness this week?

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  • Kathy

    Hey Caz – really enjoyed the TED X talk and the song was so cheery (for a break-up song)….feeling really in tune with your earthing at the moment….earthed on the water, out on the boat (our tinny) today, for the first time in ages, loved the feeling of loving how lucky we are to live where we live, and be able to travel where we want!


    • Caz Makepeace

      Oh that makes me so happy Kathy!! So many people are letting me know they are doing it more now and feeling so great from it. I really believe the Universe has led me to this path to help spread the word.


  • Liz

    Thanks for sharing my nostalgia post! It’s great to know I am not alone in those feelings 🙂


  • Mai

    That was a great pic of you and your adorable kid! 🙂 Great post too! 🙂


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