Peanut butter challenge: Results and ways to eat peanut butter for breakfast

I made it through a week of eating peanut butter for breakfast.

It was actually really easy and enhanced my normal breakfast routine.

Let me share with you what that is:

Vegetable/fruit juice or a green smoothie. Eggs: boiled, omelette or mixed with a vegetable hash, or grilled tomatoes.

I don’t eat toast anymore because sadly, I have had to go gluten-free.

Doing this challenge gave me a great excuse to finally buy that loaf of gluten-free bread for an awesome treat. I think nothing of throwing down $5 twice a week for a coffee so $6 for a loaf of bread shouldn’t upset me so much.

Peanut Butter Breakfast ideas

Peanut butter smoothie

Here are the ways I enjoyed my peanut butter for breakfast:

  • Peanut butter toast followed by yoghurt with berries, banana and mixed nuts topped with chia seeds, LSA and cinnamon (You can even mix some peanut butter in this if you want.)
  • Quinoa flake bake  (the most divine breakfast ever!) with peanut butter smeared on top (or try it in the mixture)
  • Peanut butter pancakes
  • Green smoothie with peanut butter
  • Peanut butter on rice cakes ( You may have to fight off your 18 mth old child for this one)

Here are a few other ideas I discovered

  • celery sticks dipped in peanut butter
  • banana and peanut butter muffins

The Peanut Butter Challenge Results

Kraft no added sugar or salt peanut butter

  • Tasty and nutritious breakfasts
  • I was full for so significantly longer than normal. This was the biggest benefit I noticed. It completely reduced my snacking and my lunch time portion size. The day I ate the quinoa bake I was full right up till dinner.
  • Being full also reduced my tendency to compensate with coffee and tea. I noticed a significant reduction in my consumption of these– from about 5-6 cups a day to 1-2
  • It meant healthy lunch time choices such as cooked vegetables or miso soup. I just could not eat anything heavier.
  • I discovered new and interesting ways to eat peanut butter.
  • I learned that peanut butter mixed with chocolate can be delicious if it is done in the right way and with healthy chocolate.
  • Peanut butter can serve so many different purposes: an indulgent breakfast like pancakes or muffins, or a simple I have no time so I’ll just quickly make toast.
  • You can also pair it with a healthy breakfast dessert of yoghurt mixed with blueberries, bananas, nuts and chia seeds.
  • The kids love it. Savannah licks her fingers and makes lots of ooh ahing sounds. She got extremely upset when there was no more quinoa flake bake left for her.
  • Peanut butter also tastes great straight from the jar, just have a glass of water on hand to help wash it off the roof of your mouth.
  • Lots of people adore peanut butter- I discovered many raving fans willing to share recipe ideas.
  • I felt like I was eating so much more, yet I did not put on any weight, in fact I think I may have trimmed off a smidgen.
Your Turn to Share Tips:

Share your ideas for eating peanut butter below

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