Gratitude and happiness

Horse riding in Centennial Park

Craig and I had a lovely, peaceful horse ride through Centennial Park on Friday. I love horse riding and Sydney’s biggest park is so beautiful. I’ll have a post coming up with more detail and lots of photos.

Visit USA media launch

About 15 minutes into the lunch and the first slide show, I turned to Craig and said, “I really shouldn’t have come here.” The accent of the American presenter, the photos, the warm fuzzy feeling had me desperately pining to return to the US.

By the end of the lunch we had planned our return–US road trip. Well it’s what we want to do anyway. Let’s just see if we can make it happen. We had fun at the lunch and chatting with Americans again as they showcased their destinations. I miss my US home so much.

Working it out

Overcoming my frustrations of late and using it as a way to figure out what I really want and what I need to do! (You can read my post Why I really went to Thailand, and what to do when things go wrong.)

Recipes of the week:

Tofu and vegetable noodle stir fry

Tofu and vegetable noodle stir fry

I’m quite proud of this one as it is my own creation. Use what ever veggies you like. I used carrots, mushrooms, capsicum, and kale. Stiry fry garlic and ginger in coconut oil. Throw in the tofu let it absorb the oil for beautiful flavour.

Throw in your veggies, top it with spring onion and chilli. For sauce I used equal parts of oyster and tamari.

Toss in your cooked noodles and  mix it around with the sauce and veg. Squeeze lime juice on top and serve with coriander garnish. TASTE explosion. Enjoy!

Song of the week: Home by Phillip Phillips

Totally digging this song and Phillip Phillips. His album is getting a Spotify workout during office hours.


What I’m reading

Interview with Kris Carr on the Good Life Project I’ve only just really noticed Kris Carr from the Crazy Sexy Life empire. I loved watching this interview– what an inspiring and sweet woman.

15 lessons in 15 years of travel by Dave Dean from What’s Dave doing

The complete guide to eating healthy by Healthful Pursuit Such a fantastic resource post. I have been using this site a lot lately for cooking

A letter to me five years ago by Tara from Such Different Skies and   What is self love? by Kirri White, are both inspirational self love reads.

Learning how to make pandan noodles with coconut milk.

Learning how to make pandan noodles with coconut milk.

And you can catch me at Village Voices sharing  17 ways to find cheap accommodation, and 8 tips to prepare your child for school

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Now it's your turn. What are you loving this week? Share your gratitude and happiness:

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