Saturday Mojitos with Kat from The Organised Housewife

Kicking off my new Saturday Mojito series is the delightful Kat from The Organised Housewife

The organised housewife

I love Kat! Not only for the super organised tips she gives me through her awesome site, but because she is a genuinely sweet and kind person. And so humble with the way she seriously kicks butt in the blogging world. (You should check out her new Blog Planner ebook– it is AWESOME!)

I hope you enjoy learning more about her as much as I did…

Learning more about the Magical Mumma behind The Organised Housewife

Where did you grow up and go to school?

I have lived on the Gold Coast all my life, starting in Palm Beach then when I was 6 we moved to a property in the Gold Coast hinterland.  I went to Coomera and Oxenford Primary school and then Helensvale High school.  I still live locally to all these schools and would love if my kids can attend the same high school (fingers crossed).

First job you ever had?

I babysat my neighbours kids every Saturday night, I loved kids so it was a blast.  My first ‘real’ job was working at KFC while in grade 12, this helped me to run my car which I used to get to school.

Cheap or designer sunglasses?

Cheap, I tend to sit on them or throw them in my handbag and they get scratched.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

We went to the sunshine coast for our honeymoon.  We were married young, saving for our first home and my hubby was still studying at uni so we weren’t able to fit a wedding and overseas honeymoon into our budget.    However our time at the Sunshine Coast was wonderful, it is such a beautiful place to visit, the beaches are glorious.

If we were to meet for a drink, what drink could I buy you?

A mocktail, preferably with mango

Dream shopping spree destination?

Saks on 5th Avenue, I recently went to New York and I kicking myself that I didn’t have enough time to shop here.  I’d love to do visit there again one day.

Any phobias?

I’m not sure if it’s a phobia, but I can’t stand pulling meat of a cooked BBQ chicken, if somebody else is home I get them to do it otherwise I fuss and squirm as I do it.

Your favourite singer or band to see live?

Pink, I have not had the chance to see her live yet, but heard how great she entertained everybody at the last concert, sadly I missed out on tickets this time too.  I did love the Katy Perry concert last year she put on a such a great show.

Coffee and cake…OR…wine and cheese?

Coffee and cake

Most annoying habit of your husband?

He leaves clothes that he has only worn for an hour or two over the end of the bed.

Kisses OR Cuddles?

Cuddles, cause I can’t steal a kiss from my hubby he is too tall.

If I came to your house for dinner, what is your signature dish?

Hhhm, I’m not certain I have a signature dish for dinner but if you invited me over to your place for coffee I’d bring some caramel tarts 🙂 (Sold= Caz Click the link for the recipe)

What is your idea of a romantic evening?

I love going out to dinner with my hubby, talking without the interruption of kids and leaving with no need to clean up afterwards.  Then watching movie at home on the couch together.

What would you like to change about yourself?

The ability to respond to emails quicker.  I can’t keep up and think I will answer them later, and later never comes.

Your favourite travel destination?

We went to Fiji 2 years ago, it was so beautiful, calm and quiet.  Exactly what we needed at the time.  We went on a cruise and spent a day on one of the islands snorkelling and relaxing.

What does happiness mean to you?

Spending time with my family, nothing means more to me than my hubby and my 3 kids.  I enjoy spending time together, laughing, playing games or just relaxing.

What is the biggest advice you would give to your 21 year old self?

To change the expectation you have on others and not allow these frustrations to affect your relationship.

Name of the first person you kissed and where were you?

My hubby J  We were still teenagers and just left a friends party.

What posters were on your wall growing up?

Billy Warlock from Baywatch and Jason Priestly from 90210.  My parents didn’t like us having posters on our wall so every now and then I’d sneak one up.  They were so spunky!!

Describe yourself in three words?

Organised, motivated and caring

What will you be doing 2 years from now?

I’ll still be blogging, I love it, spending the time writing while the kids area at school and having the chance to be at home with them if they are sick.


Thanks Kat for joining me! Don’t forget to check Kat’s  Blog Planner ebook and her site The Organised Housewife and hang out with her on facebook.

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Until next week, be magical!

(btw they are affiliate links, but seriously the planner rocks. I can’t wait to start using this to whip my organizationally dysfunctional butt into shape)

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    • Caz Makepeace

      It’s a date lovely lady!! Thank you so much for joining me. I am seriously beyond excited about your planner. I think you could sell it to Kikki K


  • PlanningQueen

    Lovely to find out more about you Kat – great questions Caz!


  • Brigid @ The Inspired Notebook

    What a great interview Caz! I love what Kat is doing at The Organized Housewife (definitely kicking butt!!), and I really enjoyed reading her answers to your excellent questions.
    I definitely need to check out the Blog Planner ebook. I bought Kat’s Christmas Planner last year, which I love, and will be using again this year, but the blog planner would be great to have going into 2013!


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