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I mentioned in my post last week about a difficult decision we had to make. News about what it was will be coming up soon as well as a post about how to make a decision.

I’m super excited because I think I may have gotten it right.

It’s a big deal to me, because I have made so many wrong decisions over the past 5 yeras, decisions that have cost me close to $400, 000. (Ouch! There I finally said it out loud wihtout sobbing!!)

It goes without saying that I did not trust myself in the slightest.

But now I do.

It’s been a long, hard road but I think I have gotten my mojo back. I think I nailed the decision-making process finally.

The magic in my life has been on fire lately and I am going to be sharing so much of that from now on. It can work for anyone.

On Wednesday, I was down to crunch time to make the decison. I was still uncertain, so I put it out there to the Universe. Some call it praying, I call it centering. Centering my focus on making the best decision and calling on the magic of the Universe to spell it out crystal clear to me.

The minute I asked, the phone rang, and I had my answer. No, it wasn’t God, but a friend chatted with me and helped clear up some of my doubts and made it crystal clear what I had to do. I am so so grateful to her. And straight after the phone call, I received an email dosed with extra clarity. And then once I made the final decison yet another sign came in that it was the right one.

Boy did I breathe a sigh of relief and high-five myself!!

secret to blog success

I love the MAGIC.

So it is very fitting today that I also share my blog post I wrote on the lovely Nikki’s blog Styling You. Every week she writes a post on blogging, so I thought I would share my wisdom on building relationships.

This is, not only my favourite part of blogging, but also the most powerful.

We never would have had the success we have had with our blogging over the past 2 years if it had not been for the relationships we have developed along the way. It is the most powerful, yet under discussed secret to blogging success.

So without rewriting my post here go check it out on Nikkis blog. “The most powerful Secret to your Blog’s Success

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How has your life been magical lately?

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