And then we all got sick

Except for Craig because he has a cast iron gut.

It meant that he was run off his feet looking after his girls. He’s a good husband and Daddy.

The stomach bug swept through our house this week. The day after my birthday and when I announced how I was revamping Mojito Mother’s schedule. That’s not looking so good now to be on track for next week.

I think I am going to have to introduce one new segment at a time.

Th sickness started with Kalyra, obviously bringing stuff back from school again. She spent Monday and Tuesday hunched over the toilet bowl. My stomach was rudely awoken during the night on Monday to visit the toilet and it keeps rolling along.

The worst was seeing Savannah so sick. She was listless in our arms all day yesterday. We almost took her to the hospital because she wasn’t holding fluids down. But then on our last try she held down the hydralites and did well for the rest of the day. She seems to have recovered nicely as she spent last night eating and pushing her baby dolly around in her stroller.

My stomach is still pretty tender and this morning I’m leaving for Problogger conference in Melbourne. I have a travel bloggers dinner tonight to go to and there will be no drinking for me now!!

getting sick

I’ve seen better days

I’ve done my herbal remedies this morning of tea with salt in it (Thank you Indonesia, remember that time you cured me of Bali belly in Lombok) and yoghurt and blueberries. So far so good.

I’ll be quiet around here while I am learning in Melbourne. The lovely Kathy Kruger from Yin Yang mother has given me a guest post on finding your flow which you can read tomorrow.

Take care and stay away from pre-school bugs!

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  • jan

    Get better quick – and enjoy Melbourne. There is NOTHING worse than a stomach bug. Lucky you had Craig, the iron stomach, to look after you.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thank you! I managed to come good half way through the first day. It was a great event


  • Lisa Wood

    Hope it goes and you get to have fun in Melbourne 🙂

    What is it with men and their tummies? We can all come down with the tummy bug yet David is fine and is never sick!


    • Caz Makepeace

      I do not know!! Craig always misses it too. But he gets all the body injuries due to his early football career. Don’t let your boys play rugby league Lisa, they’ll fall apart years later!


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