An early P & O cruise birthday cake for Savannah and Kalyra

One of my favourite things about cruising is the people you meet, both other travellers and crew.

The staff onboard our recent P & O Pacific Dawn cruise amazed me with their ability to work every day for months at a time, and provide enough happiness to ensure every passenger is having a memorable cruising experience.

The crew were so wonderful and accommodating to us with Savannah and Kalyra. They absolutely doted on the girls and Savannah was often whisked away for cuddles and tours of the boat. It did not faze me at all and knew she was in safe hands.

I love for my girls to receive attention from all people; I want them to have those experiences so they learn from an early age how to embrace people from all walks of life as friends.

P & O Pacific Dawn

With our lovely waiter Rainer

We were also with a really lovely group of journalists on our trip who were so kind to our girls. It is not easy having children attend a press trip with adults as they have very different needs, but the girls were welcomed in as one of the group.

David Jones, our leader for the cruise, was such a kind and thoughtful man. He arranged to have a special birthday cake for the girls on our last evening. Both their birthdays are coming up and are only two weeks apart.

Every night in the dining hall the crew could be heard singing Happy Birthday carrying cakes out to those celebrating birthdays.

The kitchen staff made our girls a cake and came out singing Happy Birthday to them. It was really special and they loved it.

P & O cruise birthday

Our table decorations

Savannah P & O cruise

Patiently waiting

P & O cruise birthday

Happy Birthday gorgeous girls

P & O cruise  birthday

Pacific Dawn birthday cake

Their special cake

Pacific Dawn birthday cake

The first of many to come

The cake was so delicious too. It was a combination of cake and cheesecake. The waist sure didn’t need it but the rest of me was pretty happy!

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  • Beth Hardy

    Happy almost birthday to two of the most amazing girls! I know they are loving life with you guys! 🙂


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