Getting back into exercise

It has been nearly six weeks now since I exercised and it has been killing me. The Tracy Anderson program  was working so well for me and then I had to have my operation and I’ve been recovering which as meant no disco dancing!

The doc gave me the all clear last week to start pounding the pavement again. I’ve eaten a few too many pizza slices lately and I can feel the waistline thickening again. It took so much hard work for me to shed those extra kilos, I don’t want them back.

I know how quickly the weight can sneak up. I have also discovered this past year just how easy it is to lose it too.

It’s all about choosing the right things to put in your body and getting off your butt to move it a little.

I’ve been really good at eating well since I’ve not been able to exercise, without denying myself guilty pleasures at the same time. All in moderation.

The problem I have now is I’m struggling to get back into exercise. I think this is what every finds when they want to start exercising again.

Getting yourself from park into first gear requires a bit of choke and throttle and a large amount of revving.

Once you get into and the momentum is going it’s easier to get into an exercise routine.

I’m using time as an excuse, as I always do.

I start thinking of that hour exercise will take up and I shut down, All I can think of is that looming pile of tasks that never withers away.

The exercise program has different levels you move through after 10 days and I don’t want to go backward by starting again. The great strides I made after those ten days for nothing, which is not helping to movtivate me.

So I have changed my plan of attack slightly in order for me to gradually build up to daily exercise.

I have a 15 minute yoga ab workout that I have been doing for the past two days. Silly me thought it would be easy, being only 15 minutes, but as its working on building the core Pilates style, it is killer.

But I love it. I’m feeling my stomach muscles harden and that ache I feel when I twist and turn the next day just reminds me that I am doing good things for my body so I want to keep exercising.

Bob Harper also has a 60 minute intense yoga workout which I am going to do early in the morning. I don’t want to do the Tracy Anderson at this time as all the dancing and jumping will just wake the kiddies up and end the workouts session then and there.

Then I am going to tackle Tracy again. I am going to go straight to the second level, because I can’t go backwards and I’ll just have to see if I throw up this time or not. I’m banking on the throwing up.

As  I need to more maintain my weight now and tone up rather than lose I’m not going to be so pedantic about doing the hour every day. I may mix it up with other exercise forms or take a day off if my work load is just too much for me to cope with.

There are always ways to adapt your life to fit exercise in. And you have to make an effort to get back into exercise and make it a priority. Your health is the pillar that everything

Update: About 10 minutes after I wrote this post I decided to stop with the excuses and get off the chair and do Tracy Anderson. I went straight to Level 2. I almost died during the dancing segment, my heart was pounding that hard in my chest. But, the second session which was the new level 2 hips, butt and thigh work out was awesome. I handled it okay and felt amazing after it. Now to just keep that momentum going.

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