The new LG smart TV review- see it in action

For the past month we have had the pleasure of having a new LG smart TV to review and test out. Having this TV really inspired me to get busy working out to the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis program.

Things are just always more exciting on a big screen. Especially one that is so crisp and clean with great sound. The LG Smart TV can play my music from my computer and I can share our family travel photos and videos with family and friends. It’s also good for sport and movie parties.

So that I don’t have to give this TV back (Kalyra will be devastated to not watch movies on it anymore, search for her favourite you tube videos or play games on it) all I ask is you click play on the video below to view the LG Smart TV in action.

You can see for yourself how cool it is.The more views of the video the more chance I have of keeping it.

But wait. There is more. If I get the most amount of views for my LG smart TV review I also get one of these LG Smart TV’s to giveaway to someone in my community.

LG Smart TV review

Which I think would be the most awesomeness giveaway on my blog even.

So please click play and then share. Share it amongst your friends, family and community too. I’ll love you forever and hopefully I’ll be able to say thanks with a brand new LG smart TV.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What do you think of the LG Smart TV?

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