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Tough, tough, tough one this week. We returned home from a fab weekend away at Port Macquarie which always leads to a downer from me. Following that I went in for my fourth surgery this week and it sucked.

I was sent home from the hospital too early once again, and ended up sitting on the floor as soon as I walked in so close was I to fainting. Craig had to carry me up the stairs where I proceeded to throw up and feel miserable. I’ve felt crap all week and I’m battling with my mind to get a grip and focus on being strong and healthy rather than having all the bad things go wrong that Doctor Google warned me of.

It’s also thrown out my exercise routine that I was doing so well with and getting great results. Ergh!

But enough of the whining, here’s my gratitude and happiness

My sweet and caring daughter Kalyra

Kalyra can be wild and cause me to tear my hair out, but there is a side to her that is devastatingly sweet, gentle and kind. She’s been the first to rub my back when I’m throwing up in the toilet, stroke my arm with support and cuddle me with positive words when I’m crying on the couch. She breaks my heart.

Kalyra and Savannah playing

My gifts

My long weekend at Port Macquarie

We’ll be having a heap of posts come out on y travel blog and Village Voices on this special place in NSW. I could live in Port. I loved its natural beauty and laid back energy. We had a great time taking coastal walks, watching the beautiful sunsets, and picking strawberries.

Losing the 2’s

2 kilos, 2.5 cms off my hips and thighs. Yes I do love the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis weight loss program

Empowering Quote

empowering quote

The Voice

I cry almost every week watching The Voice and the finals has had me in tears the whole time. I LOVE this show as it is a example of everything I beleive in. It’s about overcoming adversity, living your passions, and celebrating life. It’s about kindness, support and being an inspiration to others.

The contestants are amazing and the judges are out of this world. I love how on this show there are no judges trying to get a name for themselves by being mean and nasty. They don’t have to, which is why they are always so kind and understanding. This is what we all should aspire to be.

Blog Posts

The problem with positive thinking by Miss Britt form In Pursuit of Happiness.  This is such a brilliant post about the dangers of positive thinking and how it can lead us to not take action.

A gorilla tale by Tracey from Bliss Amongst Chaos Having seen the gorillas in the wild, I can really relate to the gorilla’s viewpoint trapped behind the bars of a zoo.

So many mean kids: Why parents need to get back to basics by Martine from the Modern Parent Love this “Lets get back to insisting on respect, encouraging real effort, igniting compassion and empathy for others and parent with instinct and common sense based purely and simply on boundaries, love and respect.”

Song of the week:  Hallelujah version by Karise Eden

I have to put this song here. I LOVE this song and I love Karise. Her story is so inspiring and her voice is mind blowing. AND she is from my home town! (so I understand her pain :)) I can’t wait to see where her career goes.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What's your gratitude and happiness for this week?

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  • Catherine Rodie Blagg

    What I love about you is that you never feel sorry for yourself for too long.. you have such a great attitude! I’m really looking forward to hearing what you have to say at Blogopolis – I’m sure it will be really inspiring, just like you.
    Catherine x
    PS.. I’m so glad you enjoyed the Gorilla story – Tracey has a real gift.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thanks Catherine. I’ve learned that feeling sorry for yourself never helps. I think you should allow yourself to, but only for a short while. Let it come in as it’s a normal emotion, and then send it on its way again. It’ll be great to meet you at Blogopolis!


    • Caz Makepeace

      You are so welcome Tracey. It was a great piece and one that I feel very connected to. I love gorillas. I remember seeing one in the zoo on a school excursion in America. The ache and lonliness in its eyes was so prevalent, I walked away in tears.


  • PlanningQueen

    So hope you are recovery well Caz. look forward to catching up at Blogopolis.



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