Feeling gratitude and happiness for health, finances, family fun

Last week was a cracker and hard to beat but I can still find gratitude and happiness for this week as well.

Savannah is crawling

Should I be happy and grateful about this? The look of pure delight on her face says yes. Her life has changed forever now as she discovers the concept of freedom and discovery. There is nothing better and I am overjoyed for her.

My Tracy Anderson cleansing diet and workout routine starts.

On the first day I was throwing up the beetroot Power Juice halfway between her intense workout. Total toxin break down.

I have a few tough months ahead as I change my eating habits and body shape (I hope).  The menu plan is so full of nutrition, I am zinging after each meal and feel lighter already. I  do need to find a way to improve that beetroot juice though — it is horrid.

TreeTop Adventure Park

Surviving the high ropes course

Empowering Quote

What lies behind us, and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us- Ralph Waldo Emerson

My finances improving

Hell yeah! This puts a smile on my face. You can read more in my post I am not afraid to look at my bank balance anymore. I’m doing what I love everyday and I am so grateful

I’m giving away a car and get to be Oprah for a moment

Well sort of. I’m part of the campaign that is. You can read more about it on Giving away a brand new Nissan X-TRAIL worth $50,000. Aussies don’t delay. So easy to enter and this amazing family vehicle could be yours.

Our family adventures at TreeTops Adventure Park

Kalyra blew me away with how she took on he high ropes challenge at TreeTops Adventure Park. Despite her fear she finished the course and then asked to go around again. I was so so proud of how she just went for it despite being so scared.

You can watch the video over here.

Song of the week: Keith Urban Without You

I’ve gone a little Keith Urban mad since The Voice came on. I’ve always had a soft spot for him, but it’s now growing. I bought his Best of CD this week. I chose Without You because he talks about his baby girl, but mostly because he has his shirt off in the film clip.

Blog Posts of the week

Be sure to come share your favourite every Saturday morning on my fan page. Check out those submitted this week. I read and social share each one.

At which point do we become responsible? by Bron at Maxabella. I love this post. Not only because Bron is helping her friend (and this post really has made her think in a different way) but because it shows just how important it is that we make decisions that will help your children grow into strong adults with a good sense of self-worth. I’ve always believed that it is essential for each of us to break the cycle of our past in order for us to grown and give ourselves and your children a better chance.

Interview with Paula Deen by Bret at Green Global Travel I LOVED hearing the back story to one of America’s most famous cooks. She started at 42 overcoming many challenges and raising two children to follow her dreams and now she’s massive. An inspiration!

Like fish in a barrel by Woogs World I will never understand why people can be so mean. Well, yes I can. There are trolls and nasty people because they are so miserable with their own lives. I feel sorry for them. because they haven’t yet figured out that their lives are shit because they chose to be victims, and they have the power to choose otherwise. I know their lives are shit because if you were truly happy and comfortable with your own life you wouldn’t gossip, you wouldn’t be try to tear others down and you wouldn’t be so hateful. PERIOD. You would just want others to feel the same happiness and support and encourage any way you could.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are you grateful and happy for this week?

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  • Maxabella

    Thanks Caz. I think that post genuinely changed someone’s life and that gives me goosebumps. I was worried about putting it out there on her behalf, but I needed to make sense of it for myself and I needed advice.

    Love your Oprah moment. x


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