I bought off an infomercial- Metamorphosis Tracy Anderson

I don’t even know how it managed to get on my TV screen.

I usually see an infomercial and change the channel faster than what I would if I knew Brax was about to appear on Home and Away.

I was cleaning and cooking and calming tantrums and fixing myself a gin and tonic. You know all those motherly tasks done during the itching hour.

It was Gwenyth Paltrow wearing a  skin-tight dress that barely covered her tiny arse at the age of 40 that really grabbed my attention.

Talk about glowing endorsement for

Metamorphosis– the Tracy Anderson Method

Metamorphosis Tracy Anderson

This is me in 90 days

Sucked in. I proceeded to watch it for the next half hour between squirts of the lime juice into my drink. All these 90 day miracles kept talking to me. Their results were phenomenal.

A true metamorphosis which is what  Tracy Anderson created with her fat burning workout program. A trainer to the stars, producing miracles and now my very own personal trainer in my living room.

I ummed and ahhed. Crossed over from scepticism, cynicism and zealous belief, picked the phone up and down, called and then hung up.

I wanted something to work, but didn’t want another disappointment,

I’ve been up and down all year with my weight. Not that its been really bad, but it is just not at the place I want it to be. I lost a lot of weight with my Dr Tickell Diet, which I still follow and helps me maintain a steady range, but my lifestyle is so over the place that it is difficult for me to lose those stubborn fat cells.

AND, the biggest thing is that I feel yuck. Sluggish, unfit and unhealthy. I hate it. I know exercise is the missing ingredient in my lifestyle and I’m keen to get back into it.

So in between the pacing of the floor and the sips of gin and tonic, I had to make a decision as to how would this really benefit me.

I watched Tracy Anderson’s strange, gyrating dance moves on TV and the looks of joys on her subject’s faces. It just looked like fun. And now I have this big LG smart TV that I am trialling I reckon home exercise never looked so good.

I phoned just to see how much it would be. Smart infomercial people know to put the pretty bonuses up there, plus the money back trial period, but not the price because that means many won’t ring and be convinced by the sales person.

When she told me the price she did not need to convince me anymore. I thought $120 was a great price to pay for a tiny butt in a  tight skin mini dress at 40.

I can’t wait to wear it.

Now if I could just do something with my hair and face.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have you bought off infomercials before? Have you tried Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson?

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  • K

    You know Caz, I only met you once, but I don’t think you need to do anything about your face – that amazing smile is all you need! Let us know how you go with Tracy.


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