Truly, madly and deeply: What I’d do for a Tim Tam?

On Wednesday, I went to ‘The Truly, Madly Tim Tam Orchard’ as a guest of Arnott’s Tim Tam”.

Tim Tams

Tim Tams do grow on trees

Tim Tams were growing from the trees in Martin Place. Every Australian’s fantasy come true.

That is not just hearsay, I watched them stream in from streets near and far, racing to snatch the nearest Tim Tam before the person next to them stole it. Loved ones bumped each other over, small children sneakily filled up their bags with as much as their hands could grasp, and groups of running friends grabbed several of them on the fly, completely rendering their workout useless.

Tim Tam sharing the passion

Tim Tam sharing the passion

It is Australia’s most irresistible chocolate biscuit and Australian’s will do anything to get one, especially if it’s free.

What would you do for a Tim Tam?

Crowds gathered around the main Tim Tam tree  that had whole packets and lanterns with fan’s names on them.  A tree nymph instructed the hordes to obey its wishes. Every couple of minutes a plaque on the tree would change offering a different command.

Tell someone you love themSkip around the tree

Kiss the tree

Tim Tam Orchard

Would you kiss the tree?

With each new instruction the crowd would surge forward with contenders all eager for a bite of the Tim Tam.

At times whole Tim Tam packets were up for grabs.

With a sign literally telling you to “Grab the Tim Tam.” Whoever was quickest when the plaque slid open to grab the packet won.

Tim Tam Orchard

Quick Grab it!

Then came the shout, “This one is for two packets.” The plaque slowly changed.

“Show someone you love them.”

The crowd grew silent and nobody moved.

I jumped into the middle of the crowd, Savannah in my arms and began smooching her all over.

The crowd roared and I claimed the greatest prize of all! Smooches with my baby. Oh and two packets of Tim Tams!

The Truly Madly Deeply Orchard was inspired by Tim Tams fans who wished on their fanpage that Tim Tams could grow on trees. This was their way of sharing the Tim Tam passion with their fans and creating a whole lot of happiness in Sydney for the day.

Tim Tam will be keeping fans updated on their plans to share Australia’s passion for Tim Tam biscuits via their Facebook page.

See some of the action from the Tim Tam Orchard

Now as I type this the Tim Tam packet beside me sits empty. Kalyra jumped up and down with joy when I slowly unveiled it in my bag for treat time after dinner. She pleaded that she could have two of the mouthwatering indulgences.

I relented just so there would be less for me to scoff myself with.

Tim Tam Memories

Tim Tams have always had great memories for me. When I was little my Nanna would come around for dinner once a week. I would eagerly await her shuffle to our front door because I knew inside her bag contained the chocolaty goodness I was truly madly and deeply in love with. I would smear whipped cream over the top and eat them one after the other until my mother pried them away from me.

Living overseas for many years made it difficult to be away from Tim Tams. They were at the top of the list for all visitors to bring with them so we could have that taste of home we craved for.

We had a big Aussie Day at my school in the US. My principal had hunted down Tim Tams online and had boxes of them sent to the school. It was the first time I had tried so many different flavours and I quickly fell in love with the Dark Chocolate Tim Tams. I would walk past the staff room and see the packets sitting on the table waiting for the big day. It was excruciating and for the first time in my life I contemplated stealing.

My principal, understanding my longing, would usher me into her room, dark crumbs on her top lip.

“Here Caroline, Have a Tim Tam. I took a packet because I can’t resist them. Sit and enjoy some with me.” I would teach her the Aussie way of eating a Tim Tam- the coffee bomb, where you suck all the coffee through the chocolate for a taste of heaven.

I was surprised that we had any packets left for the children to try after all of our impromptu meetings.

The kids loved them. Most whinged about the Vegemite, but there was not one pair of lips that weren’t smacking with enjoyment after having a Tim Tam.

Tim Tams have traveled the world with me and are loved by every person I share them with. I’m proud that we have such an irresistible world famous biscuit.

I’d do anything for a Tim Tam as I am truly, madly and deeply into them.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Are you mad for Tim Tams? What's your favourite flavour and way to eat them?

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