My Life is A Constant Blog Post

My mind doesn’t stop writing blog posts.

I have hundreds of post ideas backlogged.

Some arrive and leave just as quickly never to be found again.

Others sit there for a while rolling and stewing until I can dish it up to perfection (well I try)

Others are so forceful that they have me scrounging around in my bag for a pen and paper so I can quickly write it down before it disappears behind the next post.

Some are so powerful that they never get lost, they’ll arrive perfectly in form when needed and ready.

Sometimes I have to force myself to stop thinking and constructing blog posts. Most of the time I just can’t help it, they just pop up and the more I do the more they pop.


My mind doesn't stop

I’ve always been a thinker, a searcher. Taking each moment in and wondering what is it for, what does it mean, how can I learn?

I can’t really ever do anything without a question, a thought, or a lesson arising which easily lends itself to a blog post.

It’s why I can never stop and don’t think I’ll ever run dry of posts.

I receive comments all the time from people asking how I do it. Almost daily blog posts on two blogs, two newsletters, 2 podcasts and at least 3 guest posts/interviews a month.

It’s because my life is a constant blog post. My brain won’t quieten and it all comes spewing forth from within.

I’ve got to do something with it, so I might as well publish.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you feel you have a constant story to share?

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  • Christine

    Totally feel like this! I write incredible blog posts in my head…but so many of them never actually find a place on paper!


    • Caz

      I know don’t you hate that! i found one in my notebook today that was half finished. It was really good but I couldn’t quite remember how I wanted it to end, so now it will take me a few days to stew on it and produce something!!


  • katepickle

    You and me both! LOL

    Often when something not so great happens… once the smoke clears one of the first things I think of is “well… this will make a great blog post!” LOL


    • Caz

      I love that way of thinking. Helps you get over the bad stuff quickly. Everything makes a good story in the end.


  • Sarah@Mum's gone 2Aus

    Hi, I can totally relate to this. I also think it’s very cool that you’ve found your thing- something you’re good at, seem to enjoy and that comes naturally.
    I’m constantly observing and thinking about things that are interesting to share with others, in a blog post or in another format.
    I often have ideas that don’t fit my niche blog, is it wierd to send ideas to other bloggers?!


    • Caz

      I think that is a great idea Sarah! That is how I started Mojito Mother because so many of my ideas didn’t fit with the travel blog.
      I write a lot of guest posts for other sites to get those ideas out into another niche. It is an excellent way to build your brand and traffic. I say go for it! The ideas are there to share


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