Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival

I was really excited to be able to take Kalyra to see the Disney Live concert with her favourite Princess Ariel performing.

She however, was not bursting with enthusiasm and was quite opposed to the idea.

It was my fault for telling her that she would get to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse in person.

She is terrified of characters in real life. At Sea World recently, she dived under the table quicker that a hunted jackrabbit when the Cookie Monster walked by.

It was on the train going down to the concert in Sydney, that my accompanying best friend also told me of her sons fears that had kept him awake some of the night.

Disney Live with Mickey Mouse and the gangFair enough right? They are big and scary in their suits and a bit hard for their tiny minds to imagine how they can jump from the small pages of their books to be right in front of them.

Mickey Mouse Live Disney concert

Nervously waiting the start

Kalyra spent the first ten minutes of the show hiding behind her hands and clutched to my arm in fear. The loud noises and smoke shrouding the genie as he popped out of her lantern had her shaking in the seat.

Alladin's genie Mickey Mouse's Music Festival

Three wishes please

Alladin and Jasmine Disney Live

A whole new world

She was peaking through her finger tips though and as soon as Jasmine came out she relaxed a little and by the time Princess Ariel came out ten minutes later she was sitting back in her seat and dancing to the music transfixed on her mermaid princess idol. Ursula didn’t even bother her.

Mermaid Princess Disney Live

Sebastian and the girls

Ariel and Ursula Disney Live

Not a scary sea witch at all

Ariel Mermaid Princess


Kalyra is a girly girl. She is besotted with Princesses and Ariel was by far her favourite of the show,

Princess Ariel

What a princess

She thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the show, as did her friend Billy, who was amazed that Buzz was in front of him bouncing around throwing meteors off the stage to rescue his friends Woody and Jessie.

Buzz, Woody and Jessie Toy Story

Buzz saves the day

Toy Story Disney Live

My friend, Bec and I enjoyed the show almost as much as the kids, maybe even more. The dancing and singing was great and the stage production and effects were awesome.

Disney Live: Mickey's Music Festival

Disney Live: Mickey's Music Festival

Thanks for the show!

The real scary part came at the end with the opportunity to meet the characters. Kalyra started to lose it in tantrum form, “I don’t want to see Mickey” with a foot stomp and an almost throw-herself-on-the-ground-and-scream performance.

Disney Live with Mickey Mouse

Waiting to meet Mickey and Minnie

Lucky she was able to sit on my lap and watch the other children go first. She soon whispered, “I’ll go up if you carry me.”

Disney Live with Mickey and Minnie Mouse

We did it! Hiya Mickey

So up we went to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse in person!

Lucky for her, this might mean she could be almost ready for Disney Land.

Disney Live: Mickey's Music Festival

A great show!

Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival is currently on tour in Australia. It is brought to you by the same people who created Disney on Ice, which we saw and loved last year.

The line up of performers – including, Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy, Ariel, Sebastian and Ursula; Jasmine, Aladdin and Genie, Woody, Buzz and Jessie – are among more than 25 Disney stars who feature in this jam session!


PERTH              Dec 28-30   Riverside Theatre, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre – Ticketek
GOLD COAST   Jan 6-7       Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre – Ticketek
BRISBANE        Jan 9-10     Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre – Ticketek
SYDNEY          Jan 12-15   Sydney Entertainment Centre – Ticketmaster
NEWCASTLE    Jan 17-18   Newcastle Entertainment Centre – Ticketek
WOLLONGONG Jan 21         WIN Entertainment Centre – Ticketek
ADELAIDE        Jan 23-24   Adelaide Entertainment Centre – Ticketek
MELBOURNE    Jan 26-29   The Plenary, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre – Ticketmaster
LAUNCESTON  Feb 1-2      Silverdrome – Silverdrome
HOBART           Feb 4-6      Derwent Entertainment Centre – Ticketmaster


Tickets On Sale Now

A Reserve: $36.50 (*family ticket $135) B Reserve: $29.50 (*family ticket $105)

*Admits any configuration of four people

For more information and to purchase tickets to Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival visit www.disneylive.com.au

We attended the show as guests of Disney Live

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  • Dad Blog Tork

    Wow.. I’m well jealous of ya!

    (psst.. i’ve been to Euro Disneyland. it’s cool in any language and a must see!)


    • Caz

      Very cool!! Kalyra is dying to go to Disneyland


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