Blogging is a Lot Like Travel

I read a beautiful article the other month by Zoey from Good Googs called She’s My Sister.

It was as if she took the words from my head and the feelings from my heart and so eloquently weaved them together in a piece that intricately described what a mother and a child go through once a new baby arrives.

It was uplifting.

Not only was I amazed that she knew my thoughts, I also felt relief that I was not the only one who felt these things. There was someone just like me who understood.

There have been so many posts that I have read across many different niches where I have felt the same thing. It’s almost as if I want to check the hidden recesses of my mind to see who is hiding in there stealing my thoughts.

blogging is like travel

Strangers become friends through blogging and travel

Blogging is a lot like travel, which I think is why I am so drawn to it.

The thing that I learned most when I was travelling was that, no matter if I was jammed in the back of the ute with the local African village travelling on a long dusty road; climbing mountains with the minority hill tribes of Sapa; teaching children all around the world; or sitting with travellers from across the globe, we are all the same.

It never ceased to amaze me.

Just like when I read a blog post, I would think to myself, “Wow. You think like that too, you feel like that too, you hope like that too?”

And the more I travelled, the more I learned that we are so much more alike than we are different. The most absurd thing about it all was we so often allow those minute differences to separate us and tear us apart.

Travel brought the world closer together for me. It made me see the joy that is possible in every human interaction, no matter the skin colour, the language, and the cultural and religious beliefs, because underneath all of that, at the core, lay the truth.

Fundamentally we are all the same.

Immersing myself in the blogging world reaffirms that fact for me.

We are not alone and never will be. All of us feel the same pain, we laugh at the same jokes, and we experience the same thoughts, anxieties, guilt and other emotions good or bad.

Blogging, just like travel, allows us to openly, and without fear, connect with each other on a deeper level of truth and understanding. Connect with each other with the part of us that is the same-the powerful part of us.

When you finally get that, life becomes peaceful and liberating.

You understand that there is no need for us to be divided. There is no need for us to hurt each other.

How could we, we are all too alike?


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  • Andrea

    I wish everyone would read this. I agree, I love reading blogs because you get to know the personalities behind them – moreso than other writers. It’s great to learn what your commonalities are. I embrace the differences in opinion too!


    • Caz

      I think when you learn to look at how you are similar first it makes it easier to accept the differences. You don’t see them as threats more as colour and something you could benefit from


  • kirri

    Yup! People are diverse, different and sometimes disparate, but the commonalities….that’s where my focus is drawn to. The universals of seeking love and understanding and breathing a little lighter when we discover that connection is everywhere x


    • Caz

      Love focusing on the connection. It makes you feel good and supported and why would you want to feel anythign else?


  • Nicky Singh

    Hi Caz, I’m only new to the blogging world, however I have heard that some people’s comments can be hurtful at times. I agree there is no need to be hurtful, instead we should support each other in our endeavours.

    Nicky Singh.


    • Caz

      There are definitely people out there who have the intention of hurting others. Speaks more about their inner turmoil and peace then anything else.
      I think it is important to focus only on the atmosphere of the community you want to create and you will find these will be the people you will attract on your blog. I rarely get hurtful comments on either of my blogs because I clearly send out the intention that this is a warm, positive and friendly community and I won’t accept anything else but that.


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