What is Wrong With Us?

The tears stream down my face as I watch.

All I can think of is what if that was my baby girls.

My heart fills with a fierce, protective love and I want to wrap him up in my arms and tell him I am sorry.

I am sorry that he feels so much pain at his age, and has for so long.

I am sorry that he hates himself, and just how wrong that is.

I am sorry he is scared, it should never be that way. The weight of the world is not for him to carry.

I am sorry that words have been thrown at him that are filled with torturous pain, instead of love.

I am sorry that those words have come from people who probably don’t understand their own pain and just want someone to hurt even more than they are hurting.

I am sorry that we as adults, are so fucked up that we allow our children to ache so much.

Kalyra and Savannah

Beautiful Sisters

What is wrong with us?

Why do we let our babies down so much?

They arrive here so innocent and pure. They fill our hearts with an intense and often frightening love.

Strangers ooh and ahh over them stopping to see their sweetness, to make them laugh, despearate for some of that innocent perfection to rub off on them.

We treat them as angelic gifts and then we give up caring the older they get and let them slip into the background.

I watch this video after a week of thinking that I am the luckiest mother alive, never knowing before now that is was possible to love so much.

What if this happened to them? I would die a little each day to see their pained tears and aching hearts.

What if the actions of others had them believed that they were worthless?

They are not worthless, they are my babies.

In each of us lies a flame that should NEVER be allowed to die. It is up to us as adults- the grown ups, the wise ones, the ones who should have it all figured out-  to teach our children to keep that flame alive.

To help it burn brightly.

It is up to us to give them the million reasons why they are perfect and have so much to live for.

And if every precious soul born to light up this world were taught how wonderful and special they are, each and every moment, then we would never have a young tortured soul questioning his existence and wondering just what the hell is wrong with him.

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    • Caz

      so so sad


  • Penny

    Oh, what a little sweetie…..his little wave at the end. I was sort of okay until then! Now I can hardly type, because of my tears. Where are the parents of the kids that are bullying him? Where are the teachers? And what must his parents be going through too?

    I know there is hope for him. I could see it in his soul. xxx


    • Caz

      I loved the strength of spirit he showed at the end.


  • Melissa

    It’s not fair that he has gone through so much at his young age. We can only hope that the ongoing support of people all over the world will help him in some way, and put a call to action to the adults out there who are either oblivious or let this go on.

    I hope Jonah realizes what an impact this little, very strong and brave video is having on the world. Everytime I log onto Twitter or Facebook, another bunch of friend have reposted it- outraged at the fact that this poor child is going through such a difficult battle. I hope that it gives him hope and support to continue being the strong, brave young man he is. I hope it gives the bullies some insight on what they are doing to him (although that’s probably wishful thinking- children can be so cruel).


    • Caz

      The video is going so viral right now. I have heard that it was a fake and he was lying, which I can’t get as he seemed so pained. Whether it was or not, doesn’t matter, what matters is he has brought something so important to our attention. Our children are paining over things that we can do a much better job of controlling. I just can’t imagine why people can be so cruel.


  • Kelly carpenter

    Caz after just reading your words, is enough I can not watch!!! Bless you for spreading the light with your beautiful gift of words! Sending love and light to this young man ! Xxxx


    • Caz

      Breaks my heart Kel. You would cry your eyes out


  • Lisa Wood

    What The Hell!! How did he ever come to that? I actually had to send my boys out of the bus to watch that one…how the shit did all that happen to a kid from such a young age.
    After watching it – I am so glad that I no longer send my kids to school.
    How brave was he to post this on youtube…..I wonder what his parents are thinking about? And I wonder how he is able to go back to school knowing what he has to face?
    What ever happened to our world for this to be ok?


    • Caz

      It certainly makes a great case for not sending your children to school. Being a teacher, I definitely think schools need to be more accountable in doing something to stop the bullying from happening. I know it is something very hard to control, but in my experience not enough is done. Everyone wants to turn their back on it and put it in the too hard basket- which it is really hard, and teachers are so stretched to the max with everything they have to do already.

      I think it is really a sad state of our world. Our children need to be raised with more values and self esteem then they wouldn’t feel the need to bully and tear others down.


  • Stephan Hilson

    When I read your post, I thought it was about missing kids and other kind of stuff. But I realize that it will lead to more deep thoughts after seeing the video. Whether the video is true or not, bullying happens in reality and cutting seems to happen at times. I just hope that there will be preventive measure for bullying in school.


  • Maxabella

    NO way NO WAY. I am fiercely protective of all children when it comes to bullying. If my children were ever bullied I would be that lion roaring. If they ever bullied another child, I think I would roar louder. God, this just breaks my heart. x


    • Caz

      I think more people need to be roaring. It’s horrible that our children suffer like this.


  • Christopher

    Whoa, this post makes me cry. I don’t want to think of this anymore.


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