Savannah Smiles

Why is it that the older we get the less value we place on a smile?

It’s almost as if we forget just how magical and precious a smile can be.

It is the very thing I find myself longing for and actively seeking each waking moment with Savannah.

Every time I glimpse the little mouth turning up at the corners, it is like I have seen heaven for the first time.

I hear her scratching around in her cot at first light, and I race to be the first to pick her up.

She hears me and looks. Her little feet kick, her knees come up to her chest, her arms wave and she smiles.

Savannah Smiles

Love those smiles

Her whole body smiles.

“Ohhh. Good morning, my angel!”

“Look at that smile. So beautiful”

Everyone now who sees her and picks her up asks for the smile and does everything they can to get it.

I look and wonder, why are we so mesmerized and intent on a baby’s smile? We are all smiling every day, but no one really cares or takes an interest. No one is running to me each day asking to see my smile, and pulling funny faces in order to get me to beam one at them. Most people couldn’t care less.

I stare at Savannah, she gazes back and I can feel that smile coming again.

Savannah smiles

Cheeky smile

My heart lifts in anticipation and when her shoulders scrunch up and her mouth widens into a toothless grin, my heart bursts.

It’s like we share a little secret that no one else understands. Just the two of us.

With a baby, the smile is the only way they can tell you that they love you and that you make them happy. There are no words that are cheapened or spoken with ulterior motives, it is truly a case of

My soul recognizes your soul and smiles because of it.

Ahh, so pure it makes you want to eat it up. So pure it brings tears to my eyes.

I cannot get enough of Savannah smiles.

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  • Kelly @LifeOptimist

    Those smiles are the best!
    My son is two now and I still love his smiles (and when he says “mama”). I hope I will always love them and never taken them for granted.


  • Maxabella

    I’ve got a little tear myself. She’s adorable and I so remember the joy of seeing my babies smiles. In a lot of ways, though, I still think I feel that kind of joy when they smile (or anyone smiles for that matter). It’s a delight every time. Those pure-joy smiles are precious. x


    • Caz

      Pure joy smiles are beautiful!! I cannot get enough of them


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