9 Things I love this Week: Gary Vee, Awards, The A Team

What a Wonderful week. Here are 9 things I love this week

Me and Savannah


Bloggers Brunch

Going down to Melbourne for the day to attend a blogger’s brunch. The highlight of course was drinking champagne at 10am.

I felt wild and wicked and I do not know why I stopped at one. It was also great to meet up with some wonderful women bloggers.

Selected as a Finalist in the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards for the Best Travel Blog

This is really exciting for us, as it means I get to go to Kuala Lumpar for the event and walk the red carpet in a cocktail dress. Yahoo. It helps that I am bridesmaid to my sister in law next weekend, so I already have a dress and shoes, and they are beautiful.

Would love for you to vote for y Travel Blog for the Best Travel Blog

Quote of the week

“We always watch the news and it tells us how bad we are. It is stunning how little bad stuff is going on in our world today when [thanks to social media] everyone knows where you are and what you are doing” Gary Vaynerchuck

Oyster Festival

Our local town had it’s annual Oyster Festival on. I was working at the first one in 96 when it was out the front of Fisherman’s Wharf, the restaurant I worked out. It was quite small. It has now changed venues and is massive. Wine and oyster tasting, food stalls, entertainment and rides.

The highlight 2 dozen fresh oysters for $10

Song of the Week – The A Team by Ed Sheeran

I’m loving this song and I loved his live version on the X Factor the other night. He seemed like a real laid back, unassuming fellow. Want to check out more of his work

Post of the Week- Gary Vaynerchuck

Seriously, if you love blogging and social media you need to watch this.

GAry Vernerchuck’s talk at the Inc 500 2011 conference

I love Gary Vee and this is so inspiring and on total alignment with how we think and operate. I want to send this to every CEO of every major brand with the note attached,

“When are you going to get it. Evolve or die!”

“Take all the money you are spending on dumb shit and put it into humans” – Gary Vee

Savannah Sleeps and Smiles

I’m in love with Savannah smiles and the fact that she now puts herself to sleep. I get the odd good night sleep too. Go girl! You’re beautiful.

Kalyras new found passion

Kalyra has gone photography mad. I love seeing her work her way around our phone camera and how she sets up a shot and thinks about it before she does. Blows my mind how creative she is.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are you loving this week?

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  • Dad Blog Tork

    lots of cool things are happening in your life, aren’t they? 🙂

    my cool things that are new are simple, like time playing games on my computer instead of changing diapers 🙂 well, i still do that too i guess hehehe


    • Caz

      Hey! How are you settling into fatherhood? Have not seen you around for awhile. There are plenty of simple things that you enjoy once you have children


      • Dad Blog Tork

        Being a dad is something im still settling into, like making a bum groove on the couch 🙂

        Almost getting to a year old.. time flies!


        • Caz

          No way!!! a year old. Geez, where does that time go? I like your analogy.


  • Lisa Wood

    Hi Caz,

    What a great blog post! I love everything about this week – how I am going through the 31 Days to a better blog ebook, and finding out that most of it I am already doing!

    I love that I have a lot fresh new ideas for our blog 🙂

    I love that I get to watch my boys play like crazy at a huge park, come back and go for a swim – then the eat Pumpkin soup….and they are asleep before their heads hit the pillow.

    I love that I get to speak with my older son, and that is so happy doing what he loves.

    I love that I get to read your blogs 🙂



    • Caz

      Thanks Lisa. You always have such a positive spirit. You are living the life


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