Volvo: Keeping us Safe on the Road

I’ve never really been much of a car person. I’ve spent most of my adult life as a backpacker and world traveller so I’ve never really cared about what a car looked like or what brand it was; it just needed to do its transportation job of getting me from A to B.

If I did pay an attention to cars and brands, my mind usually would skim over the likes of Volvo.

Volvo XC60


I’m not sure, but I think my mind carried the stereotypical idea of a Volvo being a boxy, boring vehicle driven by safe, slow drivers.

Pretty stupid really isn’t it?

That we put the idea of being a safe and reliable vehicle as something that is not interesting to us.

My opinion of Volvo has dramatically changed. So much so that I am now a major fan and have taken an interest in actually owning one.

Forget the Toyota Landcruiser and Mercedes sportscar (the only two cars I’ve ever dreamed of owning)

I’m into volvo.


Does it suit me?

The image of their vehicles are really changing. I was surprised when I saw three of them at a private Volvo event on Friday at the Baby and Toddler Show in Sydney

They were sleek and stylish and with Matt Shirvington as their ambassador, their appeal rises quite substantially. I mean he was once the fastest runner in Australia and a serious competitor on a global scale.

Matt Shirvington at Volvo

With Matt Shirvington

He also happens to be a real down to earth, friendly and humble guy. Craig and I really enjoyed meeting him and learning about the safety features of a Volvo.

I am a practical person, obviously. A life spent out of a backpack means most decisions come from the need to be practical.

The Volvo just makes practical sense.

I love the design of their cars and their mission:

By 2020 their will be no accidents, serious injuries or deaths to anyone who drives a Volvo


Loving the Volvo Look

A pretty huge statement. One that seems totally unrealistic and kind of got an inward roll of the eyes from me.

That was until I heard all the safety features of the car that demonstrates why they are 80% of the way there.

My only thought throughout the event was “Why aren’t all cars then made like this? Shouldn’t it be the law?” and then of course was the strong desire I felt

“I really want to own one of these”


The Xc60 has certain features such as city driving where it can automatically pick up whether the car in front of you is slowing down to unsafe levels and it will slow you down so you avoid rear ends.

It can tell you when it is unsafe to change lanes, alert you to cars being in your blind spot, will indicate to you whether you are displaying signs of tiredness- and I swear that this car is so intuitive it will soon be handing you a cup of coffee when you start yawning.

Volvo have 5 star safety ratings and go above and beyond standard safety features. As you move through life and hit the parenting stage, there really should only ever be one consideration when purchasing a car and that should be safety.

Attending the event made me kind of shrink back in shame a little that I haven’t focused more on this. Actually it should be a priority even if you don’t have kids.

We should value our own lives a little more.

Volvo and Matt Shirvington

Matt telling us about the cars

Putting the safety features aside though, as I said the cars look great and they feel great as well. Comfortable, with all modern features like electronic seats you can programme to fit your body, blue-tooth capabilities, and other details designed to make your life easier. I can really see myself driving one.

The best thing for families is that they have inbuilt booster seats that can be adjusted to various levels to suit the size of your child. Kalyra really loved her booster seat and feeling like a big girl.

volvo booster seats

What a big booster girl!

I was really unsure of what to expect when I agreed to attend the early morning event, especially since this sleepless Mumma had to get up so early to go. I was really glad I did. I learned so much about Volvo and have developed a serious respect for them.

I believe they are a company that cares and that gets major kudos from me.

Attending the event also gave Craig the opportunity to learn what nine months of pregnancy felt like for me when he donned the empathy belly. A suit that replicates a seven and a half month pregnant woman. He really enjoyed having breasts for five minutes and was quite surprised at how HEAVY it was.

The empathy belly

The empathy belly

I’m still waiting for my empathy massage, just quietly!

Volvo Empathy belly

The Belly kind of gets in the way right?

Volvo empathy belly

Yay! I got boobies!

Craig and I could definitely see us driving around in a Volvo for our big European road trip we have planned for next year as part of our Ultimate Travel Adventure.

Driving volvo around Europe

Does this look like us in Europe?

We’d definitely look good, but most of all we would feel very secure in knowing that us and our children’s lives would be in much greater hands with a Volvo.

It all starts with a dream right?

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Do you own a Volvo? What is your opinion of them now?

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  • Michi

    Okay, I’m not mom yet, but I have to say that I love your Mojito Mother site!! (Yes, I’ve dropped in occasionally without commenting, my apologies – but I really do love your posts!)

    My very first car at 16 was a 1984 Volvo. It was nerdy, boxy, and didn’t quite blend in in the Southern California coast, BUT I LOVED IT! I later moved to Spain and haven’t had a car for quite some time now – but you can bet that I will go for a Volvo again when the time comes. I love their new sleek styles, too! 🙂

    (P.S. So odd to see the driver on the right side of the vehicle! I always wonder what it would be like to drive on the other side.)


    • Caz

      Thanks so much for dropping in and leaving a comment Michi!! Its always so great to meet my silent readers- I appreciate you so much.
      Driving on the other side can be quite scary- for me that is the left hand side!! I found myself on the wrong side a couple of times in the States. Lucky no one else was on the road.
      Glad to see you love Volvo and owned one!


  • wandering educators

    we have a volvo xc70 and i LOVE it. it’s the only car i’d buy – it’s comfortable and SAFE.


    • Caz

      Sounds fab! Looking forward to the day when I can say I own one too.


  • Lina@MothersLoveLetters

    OMG… We always seem to be aligned, Caz…
    My husband was JUST telling my yesterday that he would like to get a Volvo for our next car!
    I really don’t know anything about cars, and have never cared for one.
    But you have definitely influenced me into thinking about a Volvo!

    And if they’re thinking of sponsoring you on your next big trip, they better hurry up before another brand gets in before them!


    • Caz

      That is so cool Lina!! I hope you do get a volvo, you will love them. I’m not a car lover either so it has to be good to get me excited.
      would love to drive one around Europe!!


  • Lisa Wood

    I never thought about owning a volvo, but the way you describe the car, the safety features, the luxury and the look of the car…I so would love to own one of those!

    I thought volvo cars were daggy, and looked really ugly – but they sure have changed in style and class. Wonder when that happened! Love you in the car, and yes I could easily see you driving one next year in Europe!



    • Caz

      We were really surprised by how sleek and stylish they are. They certainly have had an image revamp


  • Penelope

    My husband asked me if I want my next car to be a Volvo…I’m thinking about it, because of their safety reputation.


    • Caz

      Definitely. It really should be our only consideration when buying a car


  • Lucie

    Nice post Caz! I think the Twilight movies have made Volvos cool again (made easier by their new look!).
    When I was a kid we had a Volvo (affectionately called “The Ovolov”. Awesome family memories in the Ovolov!
    I can imagine the new family friendly features will add to their great safety reputation and make them even more attractive to someone who say… may be considering a family in the not too distant future. x


    • Caz

      I only just watched the first twilight movie the other week and i didn’t notice volvo in it. probably because I didn’t care for them much then. Will be checking it out in the next one.
      Ovolov is a pretty hard word to say, it just took me ages to say it without twisting my tongue all up.
      Go the family vehicle Lucie!! Sure does change the way you drive 🙂


  • Marina

    Caz – you’d have a ball in one. It’s really funny the looks on people’s faces when my girlfriend winds down her window with Violent Femmes or Cat Empire blaring out – of her Volvo XC60 😉
    I think most drivers expect to see s grey haired senior citizen or a Grammar School sticker on the back.
    I have a few friends with them and they handle well, mechanically they’ve had no problems just keep up the servicing and don’t have the tragic blindspots Volvo’s were known for in the past.

    The one thing all of them said when I recently got my little Rio, was that they wished they had put seat covers on before they put the kids in for the first time.
    Shoes on leather, food and drinks – not great in the long term. Can’t wait to see you in one 🙂


    • Caz

      They are such great cars. They have blind spot detecters now in their vehicles makng them much safer. They sound like lots of fun


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