7 Things I love this Week: Learning, Growing, Sharing

Time to be grateful for another wonderful week. When you take the time to appreciate the good things, you realize just how many good things there are. Even the bad things can be good in the long run.

Speaking Events

Wow! A part of my lifelong blogging plan. I was never able to see HOW it could eventuate. I love it when things happen and you don’t even have to orchestrate how.

This week I was invited to join a panel of amzing bloggers to speak at Digital Parents Unplugged, as to how bloggers and brands can work well together.  I am so passionate about this topic and can envision the enormous potential that exists in these sorts of relationships.

I have been a follower of Darren Rowse’s Problogger for many months now. Early this year I had two articles published on his blog, which for me, was an achievement that excited me to no end.

Could you imagine then how excited I was for y travel blog to be featured as a case study at his upcoming Problogger event in Melbourne this ocming October? Yay!!!

We are gong to be sharing the story behind y travel blog and it’s success and how we developed a relationship with Qantas for Craig to be invited to the upcoming Great Crusade as the official correspondent. Love love love. I just hope I can get over the nerves that have sprung up already.

Bamboo Buddha Cafe

Kalyra loves noughts and crosses

Motivational Quote of the Week

If you’re ripe you’re rotten, if you’re green you’re still growing.- Unknown


I never aim to be rotten. I’m always turning to something new to learn even though it may scare the crap out of me.

This week I’ve been feeling a little outside my comfort zone putting together some business proposals for upcoming projects and events. I’ve had a little experiece doing them before, but I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing. I have been hard at work this week learning how to do them from those who know.

Thank God for those who have walked the path before us.

Lina from Mothers Letters

Part of my being invited to join the Problogger event is because of this lovely lady.

Lina from Mothers Love Letters (which is an amazing and inspiring blog) asked to interview me about our Qantas partnership. It was a great interview and she was talking to Darren Rowse about it which led to us being asked to speak at his event.

Lina understands the power of bloggers working with brands and is excited to be sharing and inspiring other mothers to get out and do the same. I love her passion and enthusiasm.

She’s as sweet as can be, and wrote a beautiful letter to my unborn child this week on my blog. Just precious.

Song of the Week: Angel by Robbie Williams

I heard this blast from the past on the radio this week and now can’t stop playing it. Always a Robbie Williams favourite of mine.

Blog post of the week- Challenging Behaviour

Challenging Behaviour by Nic at Planning with Kids is such a valuable resource for all parents. this came at the perfect timing for me as we deal with some of Kalyra’s challenging behaviours. Not only are there great tips, and thoughts here, but links to some helpful resources.

Guest Posts

I’ve been writing like mad this week and ecstatic to have some more guests posts published.

How to live a free and Happy Life on the Parenting Files and I will soon be writing for Life Hacker.

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