Podcast Episode 2: Comparing Yourself to Others

This week on Mojito Mother Podcast for women. I talk about comparing yourself to others and how this can be a dangerous thing to do when striving to achieve your goals.

Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their acievements with other people – Nido Qubein.

I discuss how we can avoid feeling inferior, superior, insecure, bitter, arrogant or self-rightous and how we can turn the need to compare ourselves with others to an empowering behaviour.

Links to Resources discussed in Podcast

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Wilbur Smith book “River God”

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  • kirri

    Some valauble points and grt to be able to put a voice to the lovely face 🙂
    PS – I dont think you are a ‘quitter’ or a ‘twitter’ hehe


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