Empowering Quotes and Phrases

A comment from Martine at the Modern Parent on my If you Don’t laugh You Cry post had me thinking about all the empowering quotes and phrases I have attached myself to over the years that help me overcome obstacles and to keep moving forward to the attainment of my dreams.

empowering quotes and phrases

Empower your life

There is so much in life that can weigh you down and help contribute to feelings of being stuck. You never want to be a parked car. You have to dig deep to find ways to get yourself back into at least first gear.

Here are some of my favourites

This too shall pass

This is the best saying to help you get through those dark moments of your life. Change is life, everything will eventually pass soon enough. If you understand this concept then you will know to relish every moment good or bad. It helps give you hope for a brighter tomorrow.

You said Yes

Whenever I feel like quitting for whatever reason, I use this saying. It reminds me that, I have an obligation to my dream. I said yes to it. I said I would do whatever it takes to live a purposeful life and to make a difference. So therefore I have to do what I have to do and continue to move forward

If it’s meant to be it’s up to me

Complacency is the biggest killer of dreams. It is so easy to sink back into the comfort of our couches and wait for someone else to do what is necessary to bring our dream lives into fruition.

The truth is no one will care about your dreams as much as you will. No one will ever dedicate their heart and soul to you. Don’t rely on others, if it is meant to be then it is up to me. I need to stop making bum holes in the sofa and get up and do what needs to be done.

If they can do it then why not me?

I love learning about others success and following successful people. The not only teach me and inspire me, but they show me what is possible for myself.

If they could do it, then why not me? I have the same potential and opportunities available as them. If they were able to grab them and do something with them, then there is no reason I could not do the same.

I can always learn and try

We have all heard people say that there is no such word as can’t. Well there is really. I mean I can’t sing but I can try. When ever my daughter says she can’t do something, I turn it around and say, “Maybe, but we can always try first.” I need to know my strengths and weaknesses and then I can always learn and try what I might not yet be able to do. What do I have to lose?

If you are going to be thinking anyway you might as well be thinking big

One of my favourites from Donald Trump. We’re always thinking, so why limited ourselves by thinking small. If you think small you will receive small. The bar will be set too low and you will never know what you are capable of achieving.

I always think big and set lofty goals. Sometimes I get there, sometimes I don’t but I go a lot further than I would if I thought small.

Help enough people get what they want and you’ll get what you want

Life involves Karma. What you give out returns to you. When you help other people get what they want you will eventually get what you want. When you work to make a difference in other people’s life you feel great, that is a powerful energy source to throw out into the Universe. That feeling is the magic mojo that will bring to you many great things.

Think about out, who are you more likely to help in your life, those who have been rude and ignorant towards you or those who have treated you with respect, friendliness and who lend you a helping hand when you need it? It amazes me how so many people miss this simple concept.

It’s all about the memories. Make your life a story to tell.

This is the main tag and focus of our travel blog. We would often find ourselves saying this when it was late at night in a foreign country and we were asked if we wanted another drink with our new found friends.

“Go ahead, It’s all about the memories, I guess” And we’d go on to have a great night.

or when we were stuck in the back of a pick up for a nine hour journey with a bicycle handle up our butt, we knew we were creating a memory that would make a great story to tell.

This saying reminds you to go out and live life. Don’t make the story of your life about the monotonous day to day routine of going to work just to pay the bills.

Bring your dreams into your life and go and live them.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are some of your favourite empowering quotes and phrases?

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  • Kirtan

    Great quotes, love’em all! Also, I’ve been looking for the “if it’s meant to be” quote for a while now but couldn’t find it since I didn’t remember the second half of it. When I saw it in your piece I got super excited!

    Thank you so much for sharing, you’ve made my day(s) (today and future ones)!


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