Finding nourishment for my soul

We are staying at the most divine accommodation at the moment: Crystal Creek Meadows. With a name like that you can tell that it is nourishment for my soul. We are in the Kangaroo Valley, just south west of Kiama.

This is the place that has been in my travel dreams and my longing for peace, simplicity, freedom, and beauty.

Crystal Creek Meadows

We have a cottage with a rose garden and a swinging hammock between the giant trees. The Universe is so magical. All I have envisioned since deciding to go on this trip is a simple life of me swinging in a hammock under trees. I relished in my 10 minutes of peace swinging in the afternoon, gazing up at the branches spreading their energetic love.


Crystal Creek Meadows Kangaroo Valley (3)

There are chooks that run to greet us when we open our cottage door and birds in all shapes and colours swooping and singing. We’ve been warned that magpies patrol the area and to wear hats just in case they dive in for a peck.

We’ve been given a deluxe package of smoked salmon, fresh eggs from the chooks, veggies, and cheese for breakfast and each afternoon we have some cakes and biscuits for afternoon tea. The cupcakes with lolly faces excited the girls to no end. Savannah snuck in as many Tim Tams as she coujld before Daddy noticed– i.e when they were all gone.

Deluxe breakfast basket Cyrstal Creek Meadows

Delicious breakfast

Kangaroo Valley 132

Our friends the chooks

Kangaroo Valley 120

Afternoon tea

Crystal Creek Meadows is magical. For the first time ever, Kalyra and Savannah laid in the bed reading books and drifted off to sleep. There was no hour long battle to make them do it.

We don’t want to leave here.

So with that extra time, I filled up the bath tub with Tropical Paradise essential oils: coconut milk,lemon tea tree, peppermint, and lemon and soaked away my worries. I had a glass of red and my Tapping Solutions book to aid in the Me time bliss.

Then we settled in to the couch by the fire-the nights are still a little chilly here.

Crystal Creek Meadowns

The magical bed– that puts kids to sleep

Kangaroo Valley 112

The luxurious bath

Crystal Creek Meadows Kangaroo Valley (14)

Nourishment for the soul

Crystal Creek Meadows Kangaroo Valley (7)

Getting into yoga

Meditation for kids

Perfecting meditation

You would think this had hit the heights of perfection. Not quiet. That came in the morning. I awoke early and walked into the garden. The breeze was gently blowing and the only other sound was the singing birds. I planted myself in the garden and did my morning yoga ritual. And then sat and meditated. My mind was clear and fresh as I listened to the sounds of nature surround me.

Total bliss.

Crystal Creek Meadows is nourishment for my soul.

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