Mojo Magic Tip: Getting rid of your demons

Demons are a part of everyone’s life. It doesn’t matter how small or large they are, if you feel the tightening in your stomach, the fear lurking in the shadows, and the overwhelming frustration they present they need to be managed and kicked out of your system.

They can control you and destroy so many aspects of your life. You can’t run because they will hunt you down and continue to appear in fresh new forms.

I have had a demon continuing to pop up in my life for several months now. Actually if I am honest, it has always been there. This underlying feeling that I am not good enough and often overlooked by others.

It’s debilitating and I hate it. It knots my stomach, keeps me awake at nights, and causes me to fear and often times feel paranoia.

Because it keeps continuing to show up I know there needs to be a lesson to learn. The only way I am going to learn it is if I confront the demons face on.

Why are you here? Why won’t you go away? What am I meant to be learning?

At the moment in writing this post my frustration is at an all-time high. Yesterday, I set an intention to get rid of it once and for all. Life will surely give you opportunities to hold you to your word once you back it with commitment. In full throttle today the thing that bothers me most came out in full force.

Goddam it!! Why? Why? Why?

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Cut the energetic ties

Last night as I went to bed I began to meditate, asking that these shackles be loosened. I visually saw myself cutting the energetic ties to those who are upsetting me most. I have to trust that the Universe is now setting to work on making sure that happens in real life to protect me.

If there are people in your life who are you continually frustrated by, you have to decide to break those energetic ties else they will continue to hold you back.

Get a fresh perspective

Today my next step was to get outside help. Turn to those I trust the most to give me an outside perspective.

You know sometimes our demons are completely of our own imagining. Sometimes there is substance to them and sometimes there could be things you are totally missing. We all only ever view life from the perspective of our own minds and hearts. Often how you interpret things could be totally different to how everyone else sees them.

I knew the next step in order for me to get rid of these demons would be to turn to someone else. Otherwise what wold happen would be the incessant vortex of my mind spinning everything around and around trying to make sense of it all, feeling worse and worse and then having it come out in extremely dysfunctional ways.

And those dysfunctional ways only hurt yourself–big time.

Better to kick the demons out yourself.

I asked a couple of people who I really trust and respect. I was happy to hear their perspective and it helped.

Write it out

Write out your hurts and pains. Sometimes just expressing them to someone else makes you feel better and less alone. Writing on this space helps me a lot often. It brings clarity and I know it can help you when you struggle with the same demons. We are all in this together.

Take some potions

Still not feeling great I took myself down to see Tiffany, my energy healer for some more magic healing potion. She had me select 5 bush medicine cards and sure enough each one was directly related to the issues I am facing emotionally and spiritually. In went the magic drops to help me energetically deal with them.

Here’s to a more evolved week.

Confront your demons, learn the lessons, kick them out and then allow the magic to appear.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

How do you work through those demons of yours?

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  • Kathy

    Hi Caz – hope you are feeling better today. I’m sure I have the same demon that haunts you about not being good enough, although I really think I’m my own worst enemy rather than others overlooking me (although sometimes it feels that way too). Sometimes I feel completely invisible in the blogging world and that it must be because I’m not good enough that I’m not growing my blog as I’d like. Moral support from others is great. And hey – you won the cook like Matt Moran challenge!


    • Caz Makepeace

      IT was a miracle!! Thanks Kathy. It’s a horrible feeling that we suffer from, but I think it is more common than we realize and part of the whole having your own business experience. As long as we keep trying to work through it things will improve. Ihope you are having a great Easter weekend


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