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Oh it has been so long since I have written my gratitude post. It’s not that I have not had any gratitude, I’ve just been far too manic busy to express it!

While I have been in and out of trips and parenting and trying to remain sane, I have been discovering many lessons and going through an intense spiritual and emotional transformation. There has been many tears, a lot of self-realization, rediscovered love, and the letting go of the things that no longer serve me. In other words, my eyes opened up to the shit I was tolerating in my life, and said no more, I deserve better.

So gratitude to be able to stand up for me.


Tamar Wetlands Tamar Valley

Tamar Wetlands Tamar Valley

What a beautiful state this in the shadow state is! How could we ignore it so much? Perhaps it is a good thing that way Tassie can retain some of its undiscovered and natural charm. Craig and I only spent a weekend in the Launceston area but we loved it.

Tasmania has so much to offer: stunning scenery, lack of people, fresh produce, world-class wine, and the Australia’s friendliest people. (Oh and when we were there we had outstanding weather)

Our parents

Our parents have done so much for us the past couple of years to help us get back on our feet, build our business, and look after our children when we needed it. I am so so grateful.

Far North Queensland

Port Douglas

Loving Port Douglas

I fell in love with Port Douglas and the Daintree Rainforest on our recent trip up to Far North Queensland. There is a spiritual and healing energy that exists in this magical part of Australia. I am so grateful I experienced it for the first time and I am so keen on returning, perhaps even for a much longer stay.  (You can read about kayaking on the reef and my love for Port Douglas)

The goodness of people

Tragedy struck on our mountain bike riding adventure on the Atherton Tablelands near Cairns, our Tourism Queensland guide came off her bike and fractured her tibia and fibula. It was awful. She was amazingly brave in dealing with the pain until help arrived. I was incredibly moved. We all rallied around to help during the crisis and the rescue men were outstanding. It opened my eyes to the truth, that people are inherently good and loving and kind.

702 ABC radio appearance

If you didn’t hear, I was interviewed on 702 ABC radio Sydney, sharing my tips for undiscovered places on Sydney Harbour! You can read more about it here.

Starting B-School

I hate to say my gratitude for this amazing online course I am doing and then confess I am way behind stuck on module one. I’m not stuck on it, juts had no time to work through it. What I have done so far though has been completely eye-opening. I have so much more clarity with the direction my businesses need to take. (Read my post on Everything is Figureoutable)

T-QUAL Tick Race

small plane flights (1)

My T-Qual Tick racing buddies + a hot pilot

This week I started the first leg of the T-QUAL Tick race. It was a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the company of Sarah from A Beach Cottage, Natalie from Mummy Smiles and Lauren Path, instagramming legend (who has almost made me believe in instagram again and stoked up my enthusiasm for it.) and Charlie and Antonia–our official T-QUAL reps. We’ve been participating in challenges and cracking clues through Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin. So far Nat and I are neck in neck for first place.

The biggest miracle of all is that I won the first cooking challenge set by Matt Moran–Kalyra was amazed. (Matt’s a really nice guy as well) You can read more about the race here, here, and here. This week we head for Adelaide and Hobart!

Because my head space has been so scattered lately, I’ve not been reading much, or if I have it’s been in between activities and plane flights and because I am totally crap at organization I can’t remember what I read from where.

So please, if you have been reading awesome content lately, share it below.

And tell me

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What have you been loving and are grateful for?

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