Saturday Mojito with Candice the Super Kawaii Mumma

When I first met Candice, I could not stop secretly staring at her. I had never met someone who oozed so much glamour before. I was bewildered as to how she could do it: look like she’d stepped straight from the covers of a vintage magazine.

After spending a few days with her in Malaysia in September of last year, I discovered most of that glow and sophistication came from the inside. Candice owns her style, which I LOVE! What she has managed to create from her passion is an inspiration to many.

oh and btw Super Kawaii Mama (the name of her blog) means Super Cute Mama in Japanese–very fitting

Meet Candice the Super Kawaii Mama

Super Kawaii Mama

Candice DeVille the Super Kawaii Mama

Where did you grow up and go to school?

I grew up in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. From my bedroom window I could see vineyards, rolling hills and a beautiful old cemetery where Dame Nellie Melba is buried.

I went to a local private school that had a strong focus on dramatic arts because, yes its no surprise, I’m a bit of a drama queen! I used to love performing in school musicals and often played lead supporting actress complete with accents and hilarious show tunes.

First job you ever had?

When I was 16 I worked in the general perfumery department of the amazing department store institution that was George’s. My role was to personally consult in a private room with each client to help them find their perfect scent. We had some amazing (-ly expensive) pieces including bars of soap for $70! This was in the early 90’s too!

Cheap or designer sunglasses?

I opt for cheap sunglasses more often than not as I have a huge wardrobe of them I see them as an accessory like shoes and have had to buy a commercial rack to store them on!

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

Well, we eloped and got married in Las Vegas, so that was the destination for our honeymoon too! No, it wasn’t in an Elvis chapel, but at the Ritz Carlton hotel in their mock venetian setting.

If we were to meet for a drink, what drink could I buy you?

It depends on my mood, but you can’t go wrong with a classic Gin & Tonic with a slice of lime.

Super Kawaii Mama

Celebrating the launch of the blog redesign

Dream shopping spree destination?

I’d love to experience a (fully paid for) shopping spree in Dubai! I’ve not yet visited there but I’m told it is a veritable Aladdin’s cave!

If I came to your house for dinner, what is your signature dish?


What quote motivates or inspires you the most?

Always start each venture with an attitude of success. When you’re going after Moby Dick, take along the tartar sauce!

Currently reading?

The autobiography of Myrna Loy, an amazing actress from Hollywood’s Golden Years.

Your favourite travel destination?

So hard to pick just one!! I adore Tokyo and Singapore, but I simply love Thailand too, especially Bangkok and Phuket. Basically anywhere in Asia is heaven for me. Food, fashion, climate, people and culture. It has everything!


Enjoying the amazing trishaws in Malaysia

What does happiness mean to you?

Happiness is found in appreciating the little things. By finding the balance between contentment in the now, but also in seeking constant knowledge and betterment through experiences.

What is the biggest advice you would give to your 21 year old self?

I barely know where to start on this one; there is SO MUCH I wish I knew. I’d consider myself very naive at that age, especially when compared to a modern 21 year old.

I’d say, be brave, take more chances and always, always listen to your gut.

What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

I spent part of my childhood growing up in a small village in Papua New Guinea! This may account for my love of tropical climates even though my hair hates them. J

growing up in Papua New Guinea

Candice aged18 mths in PNG (I love this-Caz)

What posters were on your wall growing up?

Johnny Depp, Matt Dillion & Christian Slater

Describe yourself in three words?

Colourful, Vivacious, Inspired.

What will you be doing 2 years from now?

An evolution of what I already do. I’d have to say I’m living my dream and growing it at a pace that keeps up with my children. Travelling, blogging, styling and changing people’s lives through the positive power of glamour!


About me:

Candice Deville is a full time fashion and lifestyle blogger, as well as a specialty vintage hair and makeup artist, speaker and pinup model.

Her works takes her across the country and across globe where she enjoys exploring cultures through the universal language of fashion and style.

Candice is 35 and lives with her husband, two girls (aged 5 & 8), and two fluffy dogs in Melbourne, Australia.

Check out Candice at Super Kawaii Mama and on facebook and twitter

Super Kawaii mama



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  • Mai Bateson

    Beautiful… she looks glamorous… what’s nice about Candice is, she’s beautiful inside that makes her standout! 🙂


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