Podcast: Hang around those who CELEBRATE not tolerate you

Do you ever have the sinking feeling that no one likes you?

I have a confession to make:

I have it all the time.

It can really get me down sometimes, but mostly I’ve learned to control the demons that tell me I’m not good enough and make me paranoid in thinking everyone else knows it too.

Gosh life can be tough sometimes on this road to self-love of ours. Why can’t we just remain as we were when we were babes and just adored ourselves.

My latest podcast shares some tips no how to deal with it and what to do when you discover that there really are some people who don’t like you! (You can’t please everyone!)

hang with people who celebrate you

Words to live by

My empowering adage is:

Hang around people who CELEBRATE  you not TOLERATE YOU!

Press play to hear more

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Tell me if you suffer from this affliction and what you do to overcome it. Any great tips and strategies to share? (no fist fighting is not really a good one! Maybe just in your daydreams!)

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  • kirri

    Oh. I’m truly looking forward to listening to this later Caz.

    The self-love journey is a winding, challenging travail for all of us.
    I know that just when I think I have reached a peak, I have another opportunity present itself for some more deep learning.

    My guess is we will never arrive – but isn’t that part of the attraction?

    I’m here to celebrate you for sure x


    • Caz Makepeace

      I was thinking that yesterday–when will the roller coaster ride ever end. And then I accepted the fact that it won’t. Each new layer we unpeel will present a new set of challenges to deal with and learn from. You just have to accept this is the way it is and then apply what you know to dig deep and learn.


  • kirri White

    I had a listen last night and it was really interesting. The part where you talked about cutting ties and energy resonated with me.

    A recent learning for me has been that you can respect and like someone but still be unable to take it further. I had a friend I had to cut ties from recently – our energies just didn’t gel and although I wanted us to be closer, for one reason or another, it just never happened. No one to blame, but it still took conscious effort from me to be able to accept it and move on.


    • Caz Makepeace

      I think you do just have to accept it and move on. A few months down the track you’ll understand why it wasn’t meant to be. It’s so funny how they’ll pop back in your life once you cut the ties.


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