Mojo Magic Tips: Give up the Constant Negative News

“What! Have you gone mad Caroline???

You want me to turn off my TV, close my newspaper and shut off the world around me. I could never do that. How will I ever know what is happening around me in the world? How will I survive?

I long for my daily news broadcast to hear the number of rapes and murders that happened that day. How will I know what country is bombing who or what politician is lying and who is the latest celebrity to spend time in jail?”

The sad thing is I used to be the same way.

You become so accustomed to the automatic lifestyle of turning on the TV, radio or opening the newspaper and immersing yourself in the daily, depressing disasters in the world around you.

Have you ever stopped for a moment to think about what sort of an impact this is having on you, your family and your home environment?

I bet you haven’t.

We don’t; we unconsciously go about doing things the way we always have and not stopping to really think about the damage it is causing.

Think about it.

After you’ve heard all the bad stories of the world, how do you feel? I bet you’re not jumping up for joy with how wonderful life is, how happy it makes you feel, and how the Earth is such a beautiful, loving, miraculous place.

Is this what you talk about throughout your day.?

No, I can guarantee not.

media fast

The Effects of Negative News

After beginning your day with negative news your day will remain in that frame of thinking. You’ll be mad at the world, and think everyone is crazy and it’s such a messed up place and you’ll take that negative energy with you throughout the day.

You can’t think that it does not have a negative impact on you and your happiness.

It does.

As creating magic in your life is all about how you feel and how high your energy is, immersing yourself with negative and depressing news will create the same effect in your own life.

Traveling as much as I have and spending months on the road, I’ve gone for long periods of time with no association with the outside world at all. I’ve been completely shut off from media.

Traveling allows you the opportunity to live each moment in the present. You become so in love with life and the planet and all you see is how precious and magical everyone and everything is.

This is the truth and this is all you see as you immerse yourself in the truth of life. When you don’t have interference every day with negative news, and soap operas, then you can witness a pure and magical world.

Of course, living a day to day life it’s easy to slip back into a life on the couch and media bombardment.

Now I am aware of how it makes me feel. I notice the depression settling in straight away and I immediately shut it down.

Before I fasted from media, I used to love crime shows, especially Criminal Minds. I can’t even get through 10 mins of it now. I am so sensitive to destructive news and media. I feel sick immediately and my energy slumps.

Fasting from Negative Media

I love it.

I spend my days doing productive activities, laughing and playing with my daughter and husband, reading empowering books, learning incredible new things, growing as a person and just seeing the world as a happy, beautiful place again.

There is so much more peace and joy in my life as a result.

I have no idea what is happening in the world. I know if it’s that bad that I need to know someone will surely tell me. I don’t know how the stock market is doing, I have no idea if a hurricane is approaching, or if we are out of a recession yet.

I don’t need to know.

My take on it is this:

Knowing about the disasters of the world are only good if you use the knowledge to take action and do something to help or make a difference.

Most people will never do this. They are not using the negative news as a way to empower or help, they are using it as a way to feel better about their life or involve themselves in drama.

The single best way anyone can help make the world a better place is by being a better person and raising their energetic levels.

This will kill the negative energy.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking the news helps to keep you connected so you have make a difference. It will only serve to make you miserable.

Like attracts like. The further I stray from negative news the more powerful and happy my life becomes.

Now when I hear of negative news stories or happen to see it somewhere in passing, I feel absolutely sick to my stomach. I am not immune to it anymore. I feel so depressed because I can’t see life as being that bad and I hate hearing about it.

I’m not shutting myself off from reality. It’s just a reality I choose not to focus on, it’s not a reality for me.

I like my happy, peaceful world so much better where I believe people are loving and kind and spend their days in joy.

Spend some time away from media and you’ll begin to experience this more too.

And then watch the magic appear.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Are you addicted to negative media or do you shut yourself off from it top?

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