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Grand Palace Bangkok Thailand

We’re in Thailand

I’m poolside at the moment in our Bangkok hotel. A quick morning swim before exploring the Bangkok chaos. We’ve had two days of temples and eating. Today is shopping and relaxing. I had my first Thai massage last night. I am in love with this country and feel very at home. (This was written last week- since then we have been playing at the beach, learning how to cook Thai food, having more massages and enjoying divine sunsets)


New y travel blog site

travel blog

We love our new y travel blog site!! Finally it was launched this past week. We’ve had delays due to our designer falling sick. It is sooooo much better: faster, functional and easy on the eye. Our readers are loving it and are now able to find the information they are looking for much easier.

Sunday Telegraph Feature

So excited to wake up this morning to hear we were featured in Page 11 of the Sunday Telegraph!

y travel blog Sunday Telegraph

Song of the week- Wedding speech by Tom Fletcher

I loved discovering this wedding speech. IF only all men were as romantic. It’s gone viral and I’ve now discovered a pretty good band called McFly.

What I’m reading

Batter Up 4 kids, 2o suitcases and a beagle I read this post the day after both the girls had a meltdown in THE most important temple in Thialand. Felt so much better that I was not the only mother in the world who said such things!!

Yes I eat fruit and no I am not misleading Australia by Sarah Wilson I really enjoyed reading this and learning more about Sarah’s stance on eating fruit and the no sugar diet. I’ve never taken to the no fruit part to that diet. I can’t believe that fruit is not good for you; it’s so abundantly provided by nature, I’ve never felt anything but great eating it, and Asians have it with every meal. You should know how I feel about the Asian diet– no obesity, no diabettes and the longest life span! It was great to hear Sarah’s reasoning behind it and I do agreee that vegetables should be comsumed way more than fruit.

Trying to get out of the slums by Time Turtle Travel Michael shared with us his adventures exploring the Klong Toey slums over drinks in Bangkok. It was so great to read this article a couple of days later. What heartwarming tales of those overcoming adversity to create  a better life.


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