10 Simple Tips to Bring Couples Closer Together

This is a guest post written by Catina Noble

With today’s hectic schedules it is not surprising that a lot of couples feel they are not as close to their partner as they once were. Here are ten quick and inexpensive ways to share a few moments with your partner and to make them count!!

1)      Compliment

Each day you see your partner, give them a compliment. Whether it is about their new clothes or their smile, be sure to tell them what you like about it. Everyone likes to be reminded in this world of chaos that they matter to someone else.

2)      Movie Night

One night a week, take time out and rent a movie and watch it with your partner. If movies are not really your thing then watch a certain television show together. The key is to spend quality time with your partner snuggling up on the couch, holding hands and whatever else might happen!

3)       Breakfast

Pick one morning a week and get up a half hour early to have breakfast together. The day of the week you decide on, keep to it and do this weekly. You and your partner can take turns making breakfast for each other, or you can decide to grab a bite to eat at one of your favourite food joints.

4)      Get away

Each couple, no matter how solid their relationship is, needs their own time. Take at least one weekend each year to spend time together. If finances are an issue for you,  stay home for the weekend. If you stay home, make sure that you don’t answer the phone, if you have kids make sure they are gone, and no work!!! Just spend time the two of you.

simple tips to bring couples closer together


Take a half hour one night a month to talk to each other about how you feel. This includes things like the kids, work, finances and personal goals. Talk about things you would like to do with their partner.  Maybe even grab a notebook and write things down that you and your partner talk about. That way each month you can review the things that you have done together and the things you would still like to do in the future.

6)      Date Night

One night a month take time out to go and see a movie or something else you and your partner might enjoy doing. If this means hiring a babysitter, do it!!! You and your partner need time to just be together. When was the last time you held hands out in public? See if you are up to that challenge!

7)      Lingerie

Pick one night a month. It could be the date of your anniversary, such as the first of each month for example. That night wear lingerie for your partner, light candles or do something romantic. The key is to keep this commitment of doing it once a month. That way both of you will look forward to it with anticipation and who knows what creative ideas you can come up with!

8)      Fantasy

Both partners take a few minutes to write out their fantasies. Each fantasy should be written out on a separate piece of paper and folded. This can be done on the night of Communication if you want! Each partner should have their own container. The slips of paper should be put in a decorated box or jar. Then every so often when the moment arises, each of you can take turn picking out a piece of paper and then acting out that fantasy.

9)      Kiss

Each time you see your partner you should give them a kiss. Each time your partner leaves to go to work, the mall, or wherever, give them a kiss and let them know that you love you. A kiss reminds you that you are special and why you fell in love with your partner in the first place.

10)  Massage

Take a few minutes before bed each night. You do not need a lot of time, five minutes before bed each night will do. You can take turns with your partner. For five minutes do something your partner would like and find relaxing. Maybe it’s brushing their hair, rubbing their feet. Whatever it is, do it. Both of you need to feel special!



Your Turn to Share Tips:

Which of these simple tips do you follow to help maintain your close relationship? Can you add any more?

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  • budget jan

    We find a good time for COMMUNICATION is our daily walk. After work we go for a walk along the Strand beside the ocean. A talk about whatever is on our minds is great for understanding each others attitudes on things we might not otherwise discuss. Being straight after work it is also a way to share part of your day with each other. I mean when you are home you don’t want to discuss work, so straight after work on our walk is a sort of no man’s land. Not quite work and not quite home. This works for us because we do not have children on the walk with us. You still might be able to make it work, while chasing kids chasing seagulls or comforting them after kamakaze scooter mishaps or steering them away from the waterpark…not today kids!


    • Caz Makepeace

      It’s so hard to manage this with kids. We talk in short sentence bursts. Kalyra never lets us have more than a 2 sentence conversation!! I agree walking is a great time for communication. It frees up so much energy for gentle chatter.


  • David

    What a great article by a great guest writer! Lots of very good ideas in there. 🙂


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