Gratitude and happiness: friends, fun and progression

Another week of so many things to love. It’s easy to find them when you are open to seeing them.

Support for do it in a dress

I have so much gratitude for those who have helped to promote Do it in a dress, and for all those donating. It’s for a great cause, helping young girls go to school in Sierra Leone and if we can reach our target we get to see Craig paraglide in a dress.

We have already put 2 girls in school and have another 4 to go. Please help us out and donate here.

Haloumi and sun-dried tomato salad

haloumi salad

I’m loving this new discovery.

I use rocket and spinach with chopped sun-dried tomatoes and then grill up sliced haloumi cheese to put in when you are ready to serve.

For the dressing, just use 1/4 cup lemon juice, 1 clove of garlic crushed(I skipped this), 1 tsp sugar, 1 Tblsp water, 1 tsp Dijon mustard, 1/4 tsp ground cumin and a pinch of cayenne pepper.

It is yummo!

Meeting blogging friends

This week we met in real life two online travel blogging friends. Michael Turtle from Time Turtle Travel and one of my favourite travel writers. We met for drinks at King St brewery and probably consumed far too beers. So great to meet in person.

On Saturday nights our friends, Brooke and Pat had a BBQ to welcome Tony and Meg from Landing Standing to Australia. It was wonderful to meet another travel blogging couple and hear their travel stories. A few of our friends were there and we had lots of laughter and good times.

Kalyra Makepeace

Empowering Quote

 “Business opportunities are like buses. There is always another one coming.” Richard Branson

The re-election of Obama

I was living in the States when he was elected four years ago. I cried and will forever remember where I Was and what I was doing when history was made. I could not any work on Wednesday as I was glued to the TV praying he would be re-elected and dreading what the world may become if Romney was.

Obama is all about equality, fairness and creating a better life for all. He leads from the heart, and while I am sure he does not get everything right, his intention is clearly to make a better world for everyone. And he is modern, hip and speaks the language of so many people living in the realities of the world of 2012. Good on you America for getting it right again!

Canon event


My new car!

Craig and I attended a mystery Canon event in the city on Thursday. We were put into teams and whisked around the city with various challenges to do using different new range cameras. We started at the Sydney Tower Eye for a sky walk, and then ended up in Pyrmont photographing Ferraris.

Craig’s team did so well with that challenge, they got to ride around the city in the Ferrari, while we followed behind in the bus. At the end of the evening over cocktails, Diana Rouvas from The Voice entertained us with a few songs (man can she sing). Craig’s team came second overall so he came home with a new Canon G15, a compact that has some pretty powerful features. (they were the cameras we used to take the Ferrari photos with).

We have been canon users all our life and it was great to learn about the new cameras and features. I have my must-have eye on the new Canon 6D which will have wireless capabilities. Yes! that means snap a picture and upload it directly to Facebook.

Awesome business progression

So we took a risk a few months back with Craig leaving his job for us to both work full-time on the business. So far everything is going well and opportunities are arriving to keep us on track and progressing forward. My stomach feels good and I am excited. The work load is huge, but I wake every day with a smile as I am in control of how that day goes.

What I’m Reading

The best year of my life by Dave from What’s Dave Doing? I really love this post. My travel blogging friend talks about the past year how he quit his job, travels the world, and found love. I get so inspired, excited and happy to hear stories like this.

3 things that have transformed my life by Jess from the Wellness Warrior some good inspiration here on how to live a healthier, more balanced life.

Unprecedented by Kristin from Wanderlust Given my excitement of Obama’s re-election, you’ll understand why I love this post. Yay for progression America!!

Song of the Week: Mudfootball by Jack Johnson

All that talk with my American friends this week has me missing my old home. At the BBQ on Saturday we spoke a lot about football. Here’s an old favourite I used to listen to on my drive to work. Love Jack!

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are you happy and grateful for in your world?

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  • Brooke vs. the World

    Thanks for coming Caz! Loved seeing you and Craig 🙂 And Michael Turtle’s back in town? We met him over at TBU.


    • Caz Makepeace

      He’s back for a few weeks and then will probably go somewhere and come back for Christmas. Was awesome to see you and Pat as always. Hope the heads weren’t too sure today!


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