Self-Empowerment for Modern Day Living

The modern world is a beautiful thing, a fantastic array of opportunities and technologies, places to go and people to meet. But it can all be a little overpowering for somebody who undervalues them self.

If you feel like the wave is passing you by, sweeping everybody else along into success whilst you stand on the shore watching; you need to invest in self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment doesn’t have to be one of those wishy washy business terms for career driven moguls. Going on a holiday to escape the stress of work shouldn’t be the solution, especially if you’re going through further stress of trying to find cheap package deals! We all need to value ourselves, whether it is for that dog eat dog promotion or simply to feel better in yourself.

Here’s three ways to start making self-empowerment part of who you are.

Rooting Out Your Negativity

We’re all familiar with the concept of an inner child, but do you ever think about your inner cynic? That sceptical voice in your head that says “I’d love to be able to do that” and then quickly dismisses the idea.

Fortunately, it’s fairly straightforward to tackle this problem. Whilst you probably won’t be able to turn this feature of your brain off, all you need to do is recognise that it is your negativity.

Believing that it’s a logical voice speaking will lead you to trust it. Acknowledge when it’s your inner cynic by stopping for a moment and considering your thoughts.

Do you really believe that the task/job/activity is beyond your abilities?

self empowerment for modern day living

Outsourcing Blame

This is something we’re all guilty of, blaming external circumstances for our downfalls! It’s an incredibly easy way to remove guilt and responsibility from ourselves, but it’s also an effective road block to progression.

Believing that the world is against you will not encourage you to try to succeed. There’s a reason why successful people seem to get all of the luck. Realise when you’ve done something wrong, and tell yourself that you’ve learnt the lesson.

It won’t take you long to learn all the lessons that the world has to offer.


Do you remember that one time when you made a firm, spontaneous decision and a weight was lifted from your shoulders? The angst of choice and selection often makes us feel incapable of completing something.

Procrastination can grow from indecision. Making a fast and informed decision gives you an innate feeling of confidence and talent, knowing that you’ve already conquered the first step to completion. The next step is to do.

Self empowering is an undervalued school of thought. The world is full of shy people who pretend to be confident, and then one day they realise that they are confident.

What’s stopping you?

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