Happy Birthday my angel Savannah

Savannah Makepeace

A year ago

It seems like the past year has flown by, but at the same time it’s like life never existed before Savannah.

She’s the perfect addition to our family and her free and playful spirit warms my heart every day.

She’s not a great sleeper because there is so much living to do and things to discover, but I will take this as every part of her radiates joy and love.

Savannah is cheeky and playful and giggles a lot. She is known for her open whale smile- her mouth opens so wide and she grins and gives ha ha ha chuckles. Often this happens when she is doing something she is not meant to.

cheeky Savannah joy

Cheeky joy

She adores her older sister and follows her everywhere. She is fiercely loyal. Whenever Kalyra is getting a stern word from me she crawls over, sits beside her and gives me a stern word with one look.

She is placid, but has a fierce side to her demonstrated when she pushes her sister in the face to get her to stop annoying her. She’ll cry when Kalyra shuts the door on her so she can have her private time (sure wish I could do that!)

She’s not afraid to speak her mind with a sharp karate chop and a stern sound. We call her Swiper because she is constantly lashing out and swiping things away.

Savannah is a born traveller. She doesn’t like driving in the car much, but is getting used to it. She loves exploring each new place we visit. She is not shy and is happy to give strangers cuddles. She’ll pull their hair and at their clothes on lines and in restaurants to get their attention.

Savannah controls the kangaroos

The queen even controls the kangaroos

She has that Queenie look which says, “Excuse me, I am here. Don’t you know who I am?” or “Did I say you could do that?”

She makes a lot of people smile with her cuteness and I hope she can carry that spirit with her throughout her life.

She becomes entranced and mesmerized when watching cultural shows we visit on our travels and adores animals. She freaks out at first bring her face in your chest, but then bravery wins out and she waves her hand to go pat.

Savannah in Vanautu

Mesmerised in Vanuatu

She is a great communicator. I understand what she is saying through her hand gestures and bird-like noises.

The greatest thing of all is that she is a real Mummy’s girl!! Yes! Her smile and cuddles warm my heart.

I have loved the past year with her and I am so happy that she chose me to be her mummy.

Happy Birthday Savannah

Happy Birthday angel Savannah

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