The Money Experiment: How are you wasting money?

are you wasting money

The money experiment how do you pass?

Are you wasting money?

After watching this video a few weeks ago, I haven’t stop thinking of ways I waste money.

What has really stuck in my mind is the amount of food wastage that happens in my household. I am forever throwing out off veg and fruit. Being vegetarian our fridge is full of it, yet I often don’t get time to make those beautiful dishes I brought all the produce for in the first place. I usually wouldn’t fall for the experiment that is in the Umi money experiment video about wasting money. (I did find their reasoning quite funny and even funnier that people believed the reasons and bought the apples!!)

I do however, often end up paying more for fruit or veg because of laziness, which I really like to call convenience. Opposite our local Coles is a fruit and veg market. They often have fruit specials cheaper than Coles, but I don’t go buy it from there.  I buy from Coles purely because I’m doing all my groceries there and I just want to get them all at the one time.

Sometimes convenience can kill our budget.

I used to always be about the money-saving rather than convenience. I would drive from one end of town to the other in Raleigh to go to two different supermarkets and a farmers market. But now I am too busy.

This video is making me think more and since watching it I have bought a few more specials from the fruit and veg store and really its only cost me about 3 minutes of time but is stopping me wasting money..

Click to see to see and share the Umi money experiment video. It will get you thinking about ways to save money in your own life.

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Your Turn to Share Tips:

How do you waste money in your life? What's one thing you plan on doing now to fix that?

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  • Jen

    And buying from the local fruit and veg shops keeps money away from the big corporates and hopefully means you’re buying produce that’s more likely to be sourced locally.


    • Caz Makepeace

      VEry true! I used to love shopping at the Farmer’s market for this reason alone


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