How did I get here?

We had just pulled up the driveway of the lighthouse. The drive up to the cliff face was spectacular around the rocky Seal Rocks beach and headland and through the coastal rainforest.

My mouth open wide when I saw where we would be spending the next couple of days. The sky was bathed in pink under the setting sun. How I had never come here before I don’t know.

Sugarloaf lighthouse cottages

The lighthouse keeper Terry greeted us as we bounded out of the car in such excitement that I forgot to put on my shoes and the chilly evening air bit them.

He guided us around the corner to the cliff face where whales migrate pass daily. We turned around the bend of the Sugarloaf shed and out from the water breached a baby whale in greeting.

We could never have timed it or been welcomed to Sugarloaf Seal Rocks any better.

How did I get here? The question kept repeating itself in my mind as we raced through the cottage exploring every nook and cranny and soaking up the views.

And then later as we walked up to the lighthouse under the cover of darkness and stood under the halo of rotating spider lights warning the ships at sea of impending doom.

The Milky Way sprinkled across the sky blinking at us. It was surreal.

My skin tingled and the hairs raised. I held Savannah close to me in a fierce cuddle and played with Kalyra’ hair as she wrapped her arms around my legs and asked me a million questions about the lighthouse.

How did I get here?

I don’t know the answer, but I do know that the love and gratitude I feel for whoever is responsible to guiding me to this place of my dream life.

Tears well in my eyes as I think of everything I did, all I sacrificed , all I lost to get here.

I don’t know how I managed to do it. I just dreamed.

I just dreamed.

This is what I really want my life to be. I can’t accept any other way of being.

And then I just let it go, thinking that it would just be a dream.

Never realizing the magic that you can create in your life just by dreaming and then doing.

I didn’t have to plan or strategize or find a way to make it happen. I just had to take action steps every day and willingly accept sacrifices.

I just had to do backed by complete passion and submission.

I had to acquiesce my life and myself over to what my purpose was.

I said yes.

And I kept saying yes even when it hurt, and when I didn’t want to do it, and when I had to stretch that comfort zone further and further.

Every day stepping a little further until without realizing it I ended up here.

Me and my girls at Hawke's Nest

At Hawke’s Nest

With my precious family, in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, and I now call that my job.

A job that has become my dream lifestyle.

I woke up this morning, with views out to the ocean and the sun gently rising.

My life.

You can create your life too. You know that one you always dreamed about, thinking that it could never be a reality it was just a dream.

Don’t believe that lie.

You dream something because it is what the universe has intended for you.

Because it believes you can have it.

Because it knows that is why you came here.

So from now on just believe in the dream. Stop trying to control the creation of it and just start manifesting it by taking small action steps every day backed by passion.

Say yes to your dream and I promise you the Universe will deliver it. One day, soon, you will slowly turn around and realize you are living your ultimate dream and you will pinch yourself because you can’t believe that what you dreamed about all those years ago actually is now your reality.


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  • Mrs Woog

    I love this so much Caz, and cannot wait to follow your travels xx


  • Kathy

    Hey Caz – glad you got to where you are and your overwhelming sense of gratitude is so obvious and infectious. I’ve just launched my blog, – it feels good to have gotten here and looking forward to where it leads…kathy


    • Caz Makepeace

      Hi KAthy! Thanks for sharing your blog with me. I love it. The balance is so hard to find yet we are all desperately trying to. I love that I am not the only one who has fallen flat on my face when drinking wine!! I love the principles of Taoism and so would love to study it more. I think your blog has so much to offer


      • Kathy

        Thanks for that Caz. I’m just going with the flow and no doubt wobbling a bit as I find my balance!..kathy


  • Johanna

    Inspiring Caz, and I hope that you continue to follow your dreams and keep encouraging other people to do the same.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thanks Johanna. I really hope I can. I think the world would be so wonderful if everyone were living their dreams


  • Jazzin Balfe

    So happy for you Caz……keep inspiring everyone!!!


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