Separating your spiritual self from your human experience

There is a secret that I have in coping with challenges in my life.

Well, it’s not really a secret in the fact I am trying to keep it hush hush, but in the way that most people don’t know about it.

Or,  have forgotten it and don’t know how to use it to empower their lives.

It all has to do with the fact that here on earth we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We come here for certain reasons, some of us nail that on the head and fulfil them; others spend their days on earth wondering around aimlessly lost and confused, unable to remember why they came here, or how to tap into the power they hold to create that purposeful life that our spiritual self can only experience as a human.

Once you understand there are two sides to who you are, you are far more empowered to live that purpose and deal with the challenges that will no doubt arrive.

The spiritual and human self

The spiritual side of you is that which is permanent and perfect. It came from the place where all things come- the source. Call it what you want, but it is the place of unlimited power and abundance.

The human side of you is imperfect and impermanent. But this human side is so important as it is the part of you that acts, and thinks and feels. These are the parts your spiritual side needs in order to fulfil its purpose.

The problem is that all this thinking, feeling and acting confuses us, and often steers us on the wrong path. The path leads us to mistakes and problems we become so embroiled in we think this is all we are and we lose sight of, and forget, the magical, perfect part.

When you learn to separate the two, you learn how to empower yourself and use the strengths of each to steer you on the right path.

How can you seperate the spirtual self from the human side

Let me give you an example of the spiritual and human side.

I spoke the other day of turning losses into lessons.

If you forget that you have this perfect and permanent part to your being then, when you lose, you believe that it defines you as being a loser and less than. Your human side can’t tell any different because it is so emotive and logical.

So you beat yourself up.

If you understand that you are also perfect you know that when things go wrong in your human experience it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. How can it be, you come from a perfect place?

It just means you need to rethink and act in a different way.

The spiritual side of you can take a step back and tell your human side.

seperating your spiritual self from your human self

“This is okay; it’s not the end of the world. You can learn, you can recover. Let’s go do this.”

The trick is learning how to separate the two.

How do you take a step back from yourself in order to look at yourself through your spiritual eyes?

I think the fastest way to do it, well really the only way, is by bringing awareness into everything you do. Be mindful of your thoughts, your words, your feelings your actions.

Watch them. When you watch your thoughts then you are not your thoughts, merely an observer of them.

You can evaluate:

Why am I reacting in this way? Why am I thinking like this? What do I have to learn?

Instead of being the thoughts and just reacting, you get to understand the thoughts and learn how to respond.

Meditate- be the watcher. You will soon start to understand what I am talking about. Right now you might think I am a little cookoo because as far as you know there is only one of you, and the minute anyone talks about having multiple personalities they want to lock you away.

I thought that when I first learned about being a watcher. But I decided to try and pretty soon I learned how to separate my two selves.

Hmm why does Caroline always do that? How can I help her to do better? How can I be kinder to her? How can I help her change those things that are preventing her from moving forward and are making her sometimes make bad choices and hurt others.

She’s just acting in that way because she’s lost in her emotions and she’s not stepping into the shoes of the perfect her, the place of awareness to understand how she should respond rather than react.

I must let her know that it is okay to make mistakes. Be kinder. Acknowledge the mistake, make your atonements and then put a plan of action in to make it better. See how easy it is Caroline.

She doesn’t feel so afraid now and so small.”

Because when we feel afraid and small we remain stuck in our human self which has a very limited capacity to forgive, to love, to be kind, to grow and move forward.

And that is how becoming a watcher separates your spiritual self from your human experience and empowers you to overcome challenges and live an inspired life.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

Have you learned how to seperate your spirtitual self from your human experiences? Or do you think I am cookoo?

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  • Leanne

    I certainly think there is a spiritual self, and believe that travel is an excellent way to become more aware and conscious, both of oneself and the outside world. Just because it lifts us from the mundane, it can help us to focus on stuff other than our job, family, responsibilities etc. I also think it can be quite healing, not even in the sense of learning lessons (which also happens), but just getting in touch with nature can really calm our souls.

    Funny thing, I just read your post, but wrote a post myself this week on connecting with yourself through travel 🙂


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