Nuffnang Blogopolis- how I am applying the blogging lessons

I am an avid fan of learning, in any shape or form.

I particularly love attending conferences, as it is an opportunity to learn from the masters, hopefully meet them in person, and network with other people who have also come to learn to. (read my post I don’t fit in – forming connections at Blogopolis)

I’ve attended so many conferences around the world and my motto has been as long as I learn one thing, then it will be worth it.

But it’s more than just the learning. We can fill our head with as much knowledge as it can take, but it becomes worthless if we do nothing with it. Conferences can be so overwhelming as there is so much to take in, on top of all the new friends we make.

The real value from a conference will come with what you do after it.  (Click to tweet)

Will you contact those people you met and attempt to form deeper relationships? Will you make an effort to reach out to the business and companies present and start the beginnings of what could be a lifelong partnership? Will you make that media kit? Will you change that blog design? Will you snap up the opportunities you learned about and start firing ahead with your business?

What really amazed me during my podcast talk was when I asked the audience to put their hand up if they listen to podcasts. I’d say two-thirds of the room did, yet when I asked how many have their own podcast, not one person raised their hand.

That got me excited. That gave me a massive kick up the pants to start being more serious and committed to my podcasts. I can’t ignore an OPPORTUNITY like that. But, how many other people who attended the conference will? How many will see the opportunity, get over their fears and just do it?

You will never have success unless you DO.

What learnings are you going to take from Nuffnang Blogopolis and put into practice?

Don’t worry about thinking you have to do it all in the first week.  Taking small steps is fine as long as you take them.

My steps are tiny, but I have a plan and I’m implementing starting last Sunday.

Nuffnang Blogopolis- Implementing the lessons

SEO tips

Learning and applying

Content Idea Sourcing- Imogen Lamport

I wrote down a few headline ideas during Imogen’s’ talk and am going to turn them into blog posts. I am also paying attention to headlines in magazines and newspapers to see how I can use them for my content ideas.

SEO and Google Analytics tips- Jeff Tan

I’m learning to embrace and love SEO. I knew the majority of what Jeff taught us but I just never did it. He really inspired me to get serious. I have gone through old posts and optimizing them and I am being so thorough now with my new posts.

I have used the Google insights tool and discovered a trending keyword for y travel blog. I wasn’t sure what I could do with it. This morning I received an email asking me to be part of a photo competition. Guess what! It is centred on that key word and it will include linking from other sites and social promotion across other networks. Had I not discovered that trending keyword, I maybe would have said no to the opportunity!

I have also being paying more attention to the Google Analytics tools he mentioned and implementing his suggestion o have most popular posts featured non the front in our new site design.

Creating a Brand for your blog- Nicole Avery

I was really excited to hear Nic’s talk, not just because I really admire her and always learn so much, but because we are going through a site redesign for y travel blog and Mojito Mother. A massive part of that is refreshing our brand.

creating content with Imogen Lamport

I learned so many tips which I shared with Craig last night the minute he came home from Darwin. We had a planning session and feel excited about the new look we have for our site. We are already deep into the planning session so am unsure if I can get a survey out in time before the work starts, but I am definitely paying attention to the feedback we received from our community via so many other channels.

Pinterest and You Tube  Christina Butcher and Janice Wong

I’m definitely going to put more of an effort into Pinterest and making our images stand out. When I really put the effort into one post on Campfire cooking recipes, we had a lot of repins. For me it’s mostly a time factor, but we are keen on finding ways to stand out-especially in the travel niche, good photos are key.

I wish I could do more video,  Janice’s talk has me thinking more about how I could implement it. When it comes time to doing it I will be contacting her more.

They were the key things I am taking away. The other sessions were a refresher or confirmation for me that we are on the right track. We are definitely continuing on the path for our blogs and have so many amazing opportunities coming our way.

A couple of things that I really want to work on, but have not yet started (still mulling on the ideas)

  • Two new free eBooks for my newsletter sign ups.
  • Creation of a travel guide and  Mojo Making ecourse.
  • Getting some traditional media coverage.

I really enjoyed the Nuffnang Blopopolis event. I met some great people, ate some delicious food and learned a lot. Thanks to the Nuffnang Crew and Twinings for hosting a great event. You can download the speakers slides from their presentations on the Nuffnang blog.

Many thanks to Vibe Hotel North Sydney for hosting my stay for the event. I LOVED the hotel. Stunning harbour views and easy walking distance to the city – a great start to the day walking over the bridge. Check out the photos:

Vibe hotel views

Sunset views and wine

sunset views Vibe North Sydney

Sunset from my hotel room

Lavendar Bay Sydney

Morning- time for a conference

Sydney Opera House

Walking to the conference- what did I see?

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What learnings from Nuffnang Blogopolis are you applying in your blogging business?

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  • Nikki @ Styling You

    Good point Caz- no use learning something if we don’t implement it. I’ve got a list and have started working through it. Love Vibe Hotel North Sydney and your photos are fabulous x


    • Caz Makepeace

      Such a great hotel. I was really impressed. Will be our port of call now in Sydney. I hope you’re feeling better soon


  • Desire Empire

    Loved this post and your summary is spot on. I too am trying to put alot of what I learned at Blogopolis into play from this week on too.

    It was great to talk to you and listen to your pod casting talk. I was the girl who talked to you after Jeff’s talk on SEOs and stats.

    As you say you have so much knowledge to impart in the poscasting area and I for one would lap up all that you say. Looking forward to you taking up that opportunity.

    Good luck with your blog make over. I’m also looking forward to see what you come up with


    • Caz Makepeace

      Thanks Carolyn, The blog makeover is always a long and complicated process. It will take about three moonths and I just want it now! Good luck with implementing all you learned- go for it


  • Desire Empire

    Ps I retweeted you mantra above as I agree wholeheartedly


  • Christie-Childhood 101

    This is so true, Caz. I find making a plan and actually writing it down makes all the difference.


  • Hannah

    I think that implementing what you’ve learned after a conference or course is always the hardest part. I know for me I almost become frozen by how inspired I am. It’s great that you’re actively working to implement straight away – the sooner you put the new knowledge to use the more likely it is that it will become a habit! Now, to follow my own words of wisdom!

    I find that making a checklist for the next three months breaks it down into very bite-sized pieces and then you can look back and measure the impact of those changes, however small.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Procrastination is always looking for a way to set in which is why the quicker you implement the better. I’ve learned this time and time again the hard way! Too many things fighting for our attention. So small steps are good and not trying to do everything


  • Nat

    I’m loving reading all the Blogopolis posts. So sad I missed it this year so I’m living vicariously through other blogger’s experiences.


    • Caz Makepeace

      It’s great that you can catch up with all that happened through other’s posts. That’s learning right there as well


  • Janine fitzpatrick

    I really enjoyed your presentation Caz and, like you, I was surprised nobody else was doing podcasts. I’m determined to add them to my blog now- so thanks for the inspiration.


    • Caz Makepeace

      Yes go for it Janine! The opportunity is there. And they are really not as difficult as you think. The more you do the better you get!


  • Vanessa

    You’ve hit the nail on the head – people learn but don’t follow through! That’s a key that I’ve implemented into the professional development courses I run through my business. So many people rave about a course then do exactly nothing with the information they gained. That is exactly what I’m trying to change – I want people to not only learn what I teach them, but to know how they can implement it to suit them!


  • Annie @ Go Camping Australia

    Thanks for the overview of the conference. Being new, I am trying to read a lot (and man, there sure is a lot out there on blogging – does your head in trying to absorb what is relevant to you, what you need to do now, next week, next year!)

    Can I ask what is the reasoning behind putting the most popular posts on the front page? I am not sure what that is meant to do and the benefits – if the reader only looks at that post, then is anything different to looking at the most current post? Am I missing something BIG!!?


    • Caz Makepeace

      Hi Annie! Thanks so much for commenting. Figuring out this whole blogging thing is so hard, but I think you are doing the right thing by reading a lot. It does make it harder at times as you get so many different opinions and ideas on things you should be doing. The best thing is to learn all you can and then think which ideas resonate the most with you, your purpose and your strategy/plan.

      The reasoning behind the most popular posts is that when you have new readers come to your site you need to have ways to convince them to subscribe and hang around. So if you have your current posts there, while it might be a good post, it might not be your BEST and it might be just a random post that doesn’t really show who you are and what you are about. IF you have your most popular post then they can get an insight into what you really offer. It will inspire and excite them and if they can see how popular it is, it also gives you that authority that people are looking for when they come to new sites as well.

      We are going through a site redesign here and on y travel where we will feature our most popular posts. Or you can do it with a widget in teh side bar, which we do now with y travel but I think you need something a bit front and centre.


      • Annie @ Go Camping Australia

        Thanks very much for that detailed reply. It DOES make sense to me now! When I get a popular post or two, then I will apply this lesson I think!!


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