Fisher Price Puppy Playhouse and Learning Car review and giveaway

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The Puppy Playhouse

Fisher Price Puppy Playhouse and learning car

Fun new puppy toys

Savannah likes to dance. She’s so cute.The minute she hears the music she stops what she is doing and bops up and down.

The Puppy Playhouse is her new favourite toy because it makes her dance and it has heaps of singing gadgets for her to play with.

puppy playhouse

The new Puppy Playhouse has a cute dog that sits inside the kennel, which Kalyra tried to steal for a  performance in one of her singing shows. Savannah has already learned that the puppy belongs in the kennel and tries to put it back in after she’s finished playing with it.

Fisher Price Puppy Playhouse

Back in you go

The Puppy Playhouse has lots of different buttons and gadgets to press that puts out interesting sounds or breaks out into songs and alphabet recitals. I love toys like this as it helps our children to learn, and in a far more interesting way then Mummy could ever teach.

puppy playhouse

Loves her new puppy

The puppy playhouse can sing for starters. It’s bright and colorful and holds a 9 month old baby ‘s attention for longer than a usual toy.

Savannah loves to press the buttons, flip the lids and roll the weather wheel. Each either gives a little lesson, like what the weather is or says Light on when you press the button, or if the music switch is flipped, it starts singing related songs which gets Savannah bopping again.

Music is always a great way to learn and help children remember things which is why we use it so much to teach in schools, particularly in the early years of learning,

Fisher Price puppy playhouse

puppy playhouse

Look it spins

The Puppy Learning Car

Puppy learning car

Love my new car

Savannah has just started crawling so she is enjoying pushing this car and chasing it. The Puppy Learning Car sings to her and plays music as it rolls along. She can change the window in the car, and when on learning time function, it lets her know in the window is a red bird and an orange cat. It teaches her about colours when she spins the back roller.

Fisher Price Puppy Learning car

This is fun

I love the learning toys like this from Fisher Price. They are bright, colourful, have really catchy tunes and help teach my children basic concepts and fundamentals. It’s less teaching, but more helping them absorb colours, numbers, and words in a fun way. I can’t possibly do it all myself so it’s great to have toys that can entertain better than me to help out.

Fisher price toys

Playing with toys

Let me play now

Fisher Price Puppy Playhouse and Learning Car Giveaway

I have one Fisher Price Puppy Playhouse and Learning Car to giveaway.

Simply fill in the form below and tell me what you think the greatest benefit of toys are for babies.

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