Mojito Mother Vlogging on MomPulse

So I have gone crazy and am going to dip my toes into vlogging.

Problem is I don’t know much about it nor do I know what to vlog about.

But I love a challenge and I love to tackle new things. I’m a believer in jumping in and starting instead of waiting until I have all my ducks in a row and everything is perfect. Remember I spoke the other day how Perfect is the enemy of good?

So MomPulse is a new vlogging hub on You Tube and they invited me to join. My blogging buddy Laney from Crash Test Mummy is as well.

I am really hoping that my videos improve over the coming months as I learn more.

For now here are my first two. Make sure you subscribe to my you tube channel so you don’t miss out on a thrilling video of me talking to you about I don’t know what!

There is also a video tab on my fan page where you can see my videos.

My Introductory MomPulse video

Featured question of the week: My election wishes for my children

Okay I am shrinking under the table right now. Do me a favour and let me know how I can improve and topics you’d love for me to talk about or what you’d love to see me do. Sky diving naked is out of the question.

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