Sometimes it sucks being a Libran

I’m a believer in star signs. I really do believe the stars have an influence on our personalities, just like I believe the moon does on our moods.

Ever been in a school when it is a full moon?

Spend long enough there and you’ll soon start to see the patterns. You’ll see the teachers in the staff room pulling out their hair and asking, “Is it a full moon? The kids are just crazy today.”

Sure enough there will be heads nodding in sympathy and the answer is returned with a resounding YES!

There can’t be all that gravitational pull going on and not affecting us.

I love being a Libran. My closest friends throughout my life have all been Librans. I think its one of the rare signs where those who are it get along really well. We understand each others airy self too easily.

We understand that sometimes it does suck being a Libran.

It sucks really bad.

Librans are the scales. We love balance and harmony.

Imbalance does keep us awake at night as we think of ways we can stop the scales from teetering.

We think of solutions to solve people’s problems. We get upset when conflict happens and we are always trying to be the peacemakers. (well the majority of time)

This is a great role to have because it means we like to help and we love peace.

But it totally sucks in other ways as well.

It means we often leave ourselves wide open to be hurt and disappointed. It happens to me all the time. I see someone struggling or I come across the imbalance and my Libran self starts to get antsy thinking about how I can help. I dwell on it for a long time, my mind mulls and rolls. Eventually I come out with … “I know what I can do. I know how I can help. I know how I can restore the balance. ”

Libran balance

Finding the balance

And I set to work.

And then more often to not I find my heart sinks with the realization that sometimes people are shitty. They are mean and rude, can barely utter a thanks, and often don’t give a shit about helping others or fixing their own problems.

I get so disheartened and I often give myself lectures about being so sensitive and so stupid once again to put myself out there to help and to really believe in the goodness of other people. I think if I just stick to my own little world, then I wouldn’t know what others were doing, I wouldn’t have to restore the equilibrium, I wouldn’t get disappointed and then the belief I usually hold that people are so wonderful would not be destroyed.

It takes so much effort to stop my Libran self from trying to restore that balance. It just doesn’t get the picture that most of the time people don’t want to change, they don’t want solutions, they just want to hold tight to their story. Who are they really without it?

And who am I to care either way?

That’s how I feel at the moment.

I’m ready to buy my one way ticket, sling the back pack on and head for exotic destinations where I can spend my days hugging trees and interact fleetingly with other travellers. There is no nastiness or spite, there is only friendship and gratitude and so much harmony and balance. My Libran self relishes in it.

So now my Libran self is faced with the dilemma once again of bringing back the balance. I’ll stew on it for days as I ponder how to equalize my own life. How can I focus on balancing my own little world and not worry about others?

How can I be balanced while the world around me is not, and how do I just be okay with that? And should I just be okay with that?

P.S So I tried today to not care and sent a curt reply to a shitty PR ptich and now I am left feeling shitty because I’ve created more imbalance!!

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  • Lisa Wood

    Hey are you doing OK? Lately I have been through some things that I am working our why it happened! And you what…at the end of the day, will it really make a difference? Will it really impact my family…at least that is what thoughts I am trying to hold onto!
    I am a “Cancer” star Sign – which means I love my house, and I like to keep quiet.
    Well latley I have had to learn to stand up for what I believe in, and it feels so good! I have never been able to do that before – slowly I am learning that the saying “Its Not My Business What Others Think Of Me” as being a statement to hold onto…

    Take care – and you know what – that shitty PR company probably hit “Delete” without another thought…so do the same – “Delete” them from your thoughts! xxx


    • Caz

      You are so sweet Lisa. I am doing okay. Just losing it a little bit lately. Seems to be so much negativity around and nastiness that it is frazzling my brain. I read your latest posts too and I sympathize with you. I hope all is okay with you now.


  • veggie mama

    haha I’ve definitely been in a school when it’s raining. they go absolutely mental xx


  • Jen

    I’m a Libran too and I sympathise. I think I’m getting better at letting go and not stewing on problems I’ve got no hope in hell of solving. It’s a process. Look on the bright side. You can see both sides of a situation which has its benefits.


    • Caz

      Very true. I am making an effort to practice letting go more each day, especially those I have no hope of solving


  • jazzin balfe

    Hi Caz…..As a fellow Libran I can TOTALLY identify with all your sentiments….and I`m only just realizing that this may be the reason why I`m forever mulling over how to solve others problems….which as you rightly say you probably get no thanks for…..

    Take heart, my dear, the world needs people like you to motivate others, to generate happiness to remind us all that our time is limited and we`ve got to make the most of it while we still can. For every negative person out there I`m sure there are at least 10 positives who admire and love you but probably don`t realize that they need to express those positive too. A recent book I read ‘Flourishing’ by Maureen Gaffney cites data that indicate that negative comments affect us more deeply as they have a strong survival value, that in some way they go deep to our core and make us sit up and pay attention….Also the ratio for a negative to positive is 7 to 1…meaning that we need 7 good comments /input to counteract the one negative. Although its a bit scientific at least it can help you to understand why negative comments can bring you down so much…My advice is to forget this PR lady…it probably wasn`t personal..just having a bad day too and keep following your dreams and making loads of people happy everyday. A big hug…xxx


    • Caz

      A recent book I read ‘Flourishing’ by Maureen Gaffney cites data that indicate that negative comments affect us more deeply as they have a strong survival value, that in some way they go deep to our core and make us sit up and pay attention…

      LOVE this!! Thanks so much for sharing. It’s given me a gigantic boost. I think i am going to jump back on my happiness boat and try to solve all the world problems again!
      Ah no maybe I might just take it easy on that for awhile while I restore my sanity. I lost it a little last night with how really nasty some travel bloggers were being to new members of a community we are involved in. It was horrible. I sent a tweet out that had swear words and capital letters!! LOL
      Thanks so much Jazzin! I appreciate you


      • jazzin balfe

        Happy you`re feeling better Caz… I know how you feel about nasty people but don`t bother wasting your good pure energy on them…let someone else do it…..and believe me…they`ll get their comeuppin`s….leave it to the Universe… : )


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