Gratitude and Happiness This Week

I think this is a really good thing for me to publish this afternoon as I am feeling really down and funky. The way I generally feel after coming home from any form of travel, which is depressing in itself because how can I ever face a settled life if just a two-day weekend getaway gives me the return-home-blues.

So let’s be grateful and celebrate the things that make me happy



Golf Lessons with Brett Ogle

golfing lessons with Brett Ogle

How's my swing?

I am not a golfer at all, but I could not let that stop me from getting a mini golf lesson from Aussie Pro, Brett Ogle, at the Mastercard Event I attended on Thursday. After multiple air swings, I eventually landed a couple in the harbour narrowly missing the pontoon. What a perfect spot for a driving range!

I really loved Brett’s enthusiasm for golfing. He treated me like I was someone really serious about learning and was so patient and kind. He was meant to be getting interviewed but delayed it so he could teach me. I thought that was really lovely.

Meeting Dan MacPherson

Meeting Dan Macpherson

Pin it to your hunky men boards

I’m not all that big up on celebrities, but I know Dan is the host of Dancing with the Stars and is super cute.

I was happy to swing a golf club with him and have a photos. We chatted about Glenworth Valley after we discovered a mutual love of it. He filmed some of Wild Boys there and we were only there the other week riding the horses pretending we were wild boys and girls.

Meeting the lovely ladies from Blue Planet PR

I had coffee with views of the Harbour Bridge with Sophie and Nichol from Blue Planet PR. They were both so lovely and it was an enjoyable way to spend an hour.

Quote of the week: get from fanpage

 “You don’t have to blow out the other person’s light to let your own shine.” BERNARD M. BARUCH

Song of the Week: Better Than by John Butler Trio

The acoustic cover band in the Crowne Plaza beer garden played this on Saturday night and reminded me just why I love John Butler Trio and this song.

Blog Posts

I’m finding more time for reading blogs again and am happy to share some posts that I loved this week. Every Saturday morning now on my fanpage I’ll be asking people to submit their favourite blog post or article for the week. It can be one you or someone else has written.

Lady Smaggle- Why women need to support each other

I can[t stand the bad name gossipy, bitchy women can give to women. I love this post by Lady Smaggle which says basically we should be helping and supporting one another rather than tearing each other down just because of insecurity and jealousy. Here here.

Ms Britt from In Pursuit of  Happiness- How to write a mission statement

I love the steps Miss Britt outlines for creating your own manifesto. I just have to do mine now. I attempted but when it came to listing the things I’m good at I shut it down with the petulance of a four-year old, “Nothing and I don’t want to do this.” Boy do I have some things I need to work through.

Norbtert from Globotreks- Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

My friend Norbert form Globotreks achieved his dream of reaching the top of Kilieven with a sore knee. Inspirational.

My weekend family getaway to Terrigal Beach

sunset from Terrigal Haven

Best enjoyed with wine, cheese and crackers

I am no stranger to Terrigal Beach having spent a lot of time there with my family when I as young and in the beer garden of the Crowne Plaza in my last year of high school and through my uni days. It was lovely to spend the weekend there as a family and discover a whole new side, especially those magnificent sunsets.

Your Turn to Share Tips:

What are you grateful and happy about this week?

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  • Christine

    Really love that quote about not blowing other people’s lights out to get your own shine–so true, even if it’s hard to mentally put into practice sometimes 🙂


  • Maxabella

    How awesome is that driving range – I could hit from there for hours and I don’t even like golf!!

    I love that quote and agree 100% with Smaggle. Women are such frenemies!!! x


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