Pin to Make a Difference: World’s Greatest Pinterest Party

Next Wednesday I will be attending the world’s greatest Pinterest party. I am a little nervous because I am not sure what to expect and because I will have to pin really fast. Visions of internet meltdown and hands that won’t move haunt me.

But, it should be fun and very different. The first of its kind.

The Pin to Make a Difference Event

Pin to make a difference Pinterest

World's biggest pinterest party

The Pin to Make a Difference event is the first of its kiind in Australia and is hosted by Kleenex Cottonelle. It’s purpose is to help mothers understand how take small steps in the home every day to help ‘make a difference’ and feel good about the role they play in securing a sustainable future.

As part of the event participants will be pinning images related to making the home a bit more sustainable, including tips for the home and garden, natural world pictures and recycled craft in the home.

Can you help me?

I like to be prepared as much as I can before competitions so I don’t go blank and freak out too much. I’d love for you to share your tips and advice in the comments below.

  • Do you have any good pinterest tips/advice for fast pinning?
  • Any great suggestions for some boards I can create that suits the theme of the competition?
  • Any great places where you think I can source images that relate to the theme or boards already created that I can follow? (Maybe some of your own, leave the URL to the board below)
  • Conect with me on Pinterest as well.

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