I’m Still Here and Rocking in Mexico

Just checking in my friends to let you know I am still here and rocking.
I am currently enjoying myself on a Carnival Cruise along the Baja coast of Mexico.

Cabos San Lucas MExico

Cabos San Lucas Mexico

Having an amazing time. I’ve just spent the evening doing the shopping dance and the Grease hand jive.

I am here for work, but the internet connection is really dodgy, a bit like Sydney on a good day 🙂 So I am not getting a lot of work done.

It stresses me out slightly, as I know the build up of work that will be there to greet me upon my return, but it disappears just as quickly once the sun sets and another margerita lands in my hand.

Margeritas in Mexico


Keep rocking it and I’ll be back with more posts real soon!

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